What are the Access Hours?
The access hours at all Affordable Family Storage locations are from 6AM – 10PM daily.

Where are you located?
Find the nearest Affordable Family Storage location here.

How do you keep your facilities secure?
Each of our facilities are well-lit and equipped with security features like monitored video surveillance. Some of our facilities are fenced and gated. All customers enter the facility using their personal access code. Storage unit locks can be purchased at any Affordable Family Storage location. Although not all of our facilities have the same features, we’ve outfitted our properties with technology to increase security and maintain a safe storage space for our customers. Ask an on-site manager about how their specific AFS location is kept secure.

Do you offer temperature controlled units?
Yes, all Affordable Family Storage locations offer temperature controlled units.

How do I know what size unit I need?
Use our self storage size guide! It’s easy to use and saves you the time of measuring your items.

How do you prevent pests and rodents?
We treat the interior and exterior of every Affordable Family Storage location for pests and rodents every month. We encourage customers to tell us right away if they see any signs of pests or rodents.

How long of a lease am I required to sign?
Storage units at Affordable Family Storage are rented on a month-to-month basis.

Is the price I pay per month guaranteed for as long as I rent?
The original monthly rent you pay is not guaranteed for as long as you rent. We may increase your rent up to two times per year. If your rate increases we will send a 30 day written notice. You will be notified by email or USPS. A rate increase has to do with many factors including competitive demand, updated security features, lighting, and modern amenities.

How much does a storage unit cost?
The price for a climate controlled storage unit is based on several factors including, amenities, location of storage unit, and overall demand. Prices can sometimes fluctuate daily. Our prices are affordable and vary by location but typically range from $30 per month for a 5x5 unit to $225 per month for a 10x30 size unit. Find the nearest Affordable Family Storage location here and see the prices for your city.
What are the details on your ONE MONTH FREE promotion?
At AFS you won't pay for storage you didn't get, so your first month's rent will be pro-rated, starting from the day you rent your unit to the end of the month. There will be a 1-time $15 admin fee due at this time as well.
If you move in between the 1st and 15th of the month, you will pay the pro-rate for the month, and your second month is FREE.
If you move in between the 16th and 31st of the month, you will pay the pro-rate for the month, the full rate the second month, and the third month is FREE.
Rules: FREE MONTH promotion participants are required to be on AUTOPay for the life of their lease. AUTOpay payments are withdrawn on the 1st of every month.
Promotion cannot be combined with multiple rented units. There are no exceptions. Facility managers are not authorized to change the promotion.

Do you offer military discounts?
Yes! Our way of saying, “Thank you for your service,” is to offer a discount to our military and veterans. Active military get a 10% off every month. Veterans get a one-time $5 credit on their account.

Are self storage units insured?
Most homeowner or renter’s insurance policies cover stored items, but you should check with your insurance agent to be sure.

Do you offer insurance?
Yes, depending on the state, you will either be required to insure your stored items, or it will be an option. Ask an on-site manager for more information about insurance.

What kind of lock do I need for my self storage unit?
We recommend a disk or cylinder lock. You can purchase a lock at any AFS customer service office.

How tall are self storage units?
Depending on the location, your storage unit at AFS will range between 8 - 11 feet tall.

Is there good lighting in my self storage unit?
Yes, your AFS storage unit is well-lit. Since your storage unit has a wire ceiling the lighting comes from giant overhead lights that are triggered by motion sensors.

Do self-storage units have electrical outlets?
No, we do not offer storage units with electrical outlets however, there are electrical outlets found randomly throughout our facilities – ask an on-site manager about permission to use an outlet for a short-term, one-time use.

Do you hold auctions at your facilities?
Yes, we hold quarterly auctions at our storage facilities. Contact an on-site manager for more information about the next AFS auction.