Why You Don’t Need Movers When Moving Belongings To Personal Storage

July 26, 2018

Two movers transporting boxes

Hiring professional movers can save a great deal of time in many circumstances. It will always cost more money to hire movers as opposed to doing it yourself, but when you are moving out of a home, it will save you a lot of time as well as save you from a lot of physical stress.


However, there are times when hiring a professional mover doesn’t make sense. This is especially true when you aren’t moving into a new home but are only moving things into personal storage. Here are some reasons why Affordable Family Storage in Jefferson City believes you should think twice about hiring professional movers.

1. You Will Save Money

This one is easy. Movers will charge roughly $25 per hour, per mover. If you just rented a personal storage unit and are moving a lot of your belongings into that unit, you can be looking at a few hundred dollars in labor alone. The biggest benefit to moving your belongings to your personal storage unit on your own is that it is free! Even if you are renting a moving truck, it will be much cheaper than hiring professional movers.

2. You Can Take Your Time

Moving stuff on your own can be overwhelming, but what you have to remember with personal storage is that you aren’t on a deadline like you would be if you were moving. You can take your time when moving things into personal storage. Take a few weekends and slowly get your stuff moved instead of spending a few hundred dollars to do something that didn’t need to be done in a single day.

3. You Are In Control Of Your Belongings

Professional movers are professionals because they handle your belongings with care. However, it can still make people nervous to leave their belongings in the hands of another person. That is especially true when you are storing valuable and family heirlooms. Moving your belongings into storage on your own ensures that you are in control of your stuff.

4. You Will Know Where To Find Your Things

Moving things into personal storage is a different ball game than moving into a home. Since all of your stuff is going into one storage unit, you won’t be able to keep track of where things are when you hire professionals. Doing it on your own ensures that you know where your stuff is at all times.

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