Why It Is Important To Distinguish Personal Storage From Business Storage

June 30, 2018

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Self-storage has all but taken over the storage industry over the last decade or two, as they offer more protection and convenience than public storage. However, with that convenience and flexibility comes a higher difficulty to keep your storage unit secure. Public storage was very harsh and strict when it came to who could enter each storage unit and when those people could do so.

That model was ideal for business storage, but the new model is ideal for personal storage. With public storage now on the wayside, business storage has become more difficult and is often intertwined with personal storage. In today’s post, Affordable Family Storage in Jefferson City explains why it’s important to distinguish personal storage from business storage.

Conflict of Interest

While you might be storing your own personal contributions to your company or business, it still presents a conflict of interest when you store things that belong to your company. When we say conflict of interest, we don’t mean a conflict with ill intent, but one that can potentially be harmful to both you and your business. Not only could you be held liable for items or documents lost in your personal storage unit that belong to your business, but your company also loses those documents.

If you are storing business items in a self-storage unit, make sure that they are non-essential to the business or personal items used for your business. For instance, if you are going on vacation, it’s fine to leave your personal laptop or computer in your storage unit, but you should keep your company laptop at your office.

Insurance Dilemma

Another potential problem that comes with storing your business essentials in a personal storage unit is the insurance side of things. Your business or company almost certainly has some sort of insurance policy to protect itself from theft and damage. This is typically applied to things such as company computers and hard drives. However, as with most insurance issues, insurance companies are picky about the money they disburse.

If something happens to a company item or document in your personal storage unit, the odds that it will be covered by insurance go down exponentially. This also goes with personal items. While you aren’t guaranteed compensation for damage to personal property at your place of work, it is more likely than if your items were damaged in self-storage.

Lack of Corporate Security

The biggest complication and difference between personal storage and business storage is corporate security. When company items or documents are not stored in a proper business setting and are instead individually held by employees, the odds of something being misplaced or damaged are much higher. Companies can protect themselves and their possessions if they consolidate their storage needs.

Contact AFS For Personal Storage Needs

It is important to differentiate between a personal storage need and a business storage need. If you need a solution for either personal or business needs, however, Affordable Family Storage in Jefferson City is the answer. Contact us today at (573) 240-8668 or fill out our online form for more information.

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