Why a Storage Unit Can Be Useful for the Handyman

March 26, 2018

Large tool collection in storage unit

How a Storage Unit is Useful for the Handyman

Once you begin collecting tools for repairs around your home, acquiring the right tools for every job can quickly become an obsession. This collection can quickly become very expensive, and if your equipment is not stored properly, it can easily rust or break. With the right storage methods, however, you can keep your tools in peak condition. Here, you will learn how to safely store your tools in a storage unit to ensure they stay in great shape.

Empty Any Fuel From Power Tool Motors

If you are storing any motorized power tools, it is very important that you first empty any fuel from the motors. Fuel is a major fire hazard and should not be placed inside of a storage unit. Not only are you risking your belongings’ safety, but you risk that of everyone else’s belongings in the storage unit. Removing any flammable liquid should be the first step before placing in your storage unit.

Clean Your Tools

Nothing ruins tools faster than putting them into storage without first cleaning any dirt or residue. Not only can it degrade your tools, but once you get around to cleaning them, any residue that has been left uncleaned will be much, much harder to remove after a long period of time in a storage unit. A simple wipe down is usually not enough to ensure your tools are clean. Try using a shop vacuum to suck up what you can, then use compressed air to blow any areas you cannot reach.

Protect Your Tools From Rust

The first step in rust protection is to use a stiff brush or wool cloth to remove any existing rust. Work lightly so as not to scratch the surface. Once the surface looks rust-free, apply a corrosion protectant and lubricant. In addition, once you have the rust cleaned off, ensure your storage unit is climate-controlled to prevent major humidity changes. Humidity means moisture, and moisture is a tool killer. Choosing a storage unit at Affordable Family Storage ensures that your tools are not subject to environmental damage.

Contact Affordable Family Storage For Self Storage Units

If you need a place to keep your tools and are running out of room in your garage, Affordable Family Storage has the storage unit for you. With a wide range of sizes, all with our state-of-the-art technology, we can accommodate your needs regardless of what they are. Contact Affordable Family Storage today at 515-325-0248 to learn more.

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