What Valuable 90’s Toys are Hidden In Your Personal Storage Unit? Part 2

June 30, 2018

90’s shoes, cassettes, gaming console, vhs, and more

You never know what could be hidden away in someone’s personal storage unit. There’s an air of mystery that surrounds an unclaimed unit full of vintage items. That’s why t.v. shows about storage unit auctions and pawn shops have become so popular! In part 2 of this 2-part blog, Affordable Family storage explains how three more popular 90’s toys are worth some serious money today.

Magic Cards

Debuted in 1993, millions have enjoyed Magic, even holding playing tournaments across the world. Some original packets contain cards that are extremely rare and valuable now. Cards like the Timetwister (worth $700), Tropical Island (worth $1,050), and The Black Lotus (worth up to $3,000) have secured the game’s place in the Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame. If you have some old magic cards sitting around somewhere in personal storage, it’d be wise to dig those out again- just in case.

Beanie Babies

First released in 1993, beanie babies were a quick sensation because they were fun plush animals stuffed with little plastic pellets that brought the stuffed toy to life through movement. Certain beanie babies have a high resale value because of the company’s strategy of deliberately limiting the number of each design produced. Princess the Bear was released as a tribute to the late Princess Diana, with only a handful produced at a time. This caused a collector’s frenzy and prices to rise. Nowadays, Princess the Bear can sell anywhere from $35 to $5,000, depending on where you look.

The Little Mermaid Disney VHS Tape

The original cover art for Disney’s The Little Mermaid featured an artistic detail deemed unsuitable for children. Unpurchased copies were quickly pulled from shelves and replaced with new cover art, but those originally sold copies of the “banned” art are now running up to $300 on the internet. If you’ve noticed some old VHS tapes in your personal storage unit, pull them out and see if they’ve increased in value!

Personal Storage: Affordable Family Storage

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