What Valuable 90’s Toys are Hidden In Your Personal Storage Unit?

June 30, 2018

Vintage toys arranged on the floor

The toy industry is a billion dollar industry that’s constantly adapting to meet the needs of children in the global market. Decades ago, toys required more imaginative play and role-play. Now, toy manufacturers incorporate more flashing lights and sounds to appeal to children raised around smartphones, video games, and televisions.

In every decade, new versions of toys are introduced to the market that stand the test of time. But the only way to find out which ones will last is to wait. It might be time to dig through your personal storage unit soon. Here are popular toys that rolled out in the 90’s and are now worth a lot of money.

Pokemon Cards

Sets of these cards were released in early 1999, and their value has slowly risen since then. A single Holo Charizard first edition card has been valued at $600, with other individual cards in the set ranging anywhere from $100 $1500. If you happen to have a holographic shadowless first edition Mewtwo hanging around, you’re in luck. One of the rarest pokemon you can capture in the game, Mewtwo is also one of the rarest first edition cards you can capture in real life.

Super Soakers

Back in the 90’s, an average super soaker would range from about $10-$50 a pop. Currently, original models like the Monster XL and Super Soaker 50 are selling on eBay for up to $380, depending on the monthly supply and demand. If you had one of these in the 90’s, it may be beneficial to check around your personal storage areas. There may be one hiding somewhere.

First Edition Harry Potter Books

First published in June of 1997, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone only released 500 first editions. These are now running for a whopping $80,000 a piece! If you are lucky enough to find an original copy in your personal storage, there are two ways to tell if your copy is worth money. First, the author’s full name, Joanne Rowling, will be printed on the front cover, not J.K. Rowling. Second, there will be an “o” missing from the word “philosopher’s” on the back cover.

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