What Not to Keep In a Self Storage Unit

February 9, 2018

What not to keep in a self storage unit

Self Storage Unit: What Not To Store

Among the many reasons why people rent self-storage units is the convenience that they present. Rather than constantly clearing space out in your own home, self-storage units give renters and homeowners alike the ability to store their belongings without it taking up a bunch of space in your own household. However, one temptation that storers often face is the temptation to throw everything they need to store into a self-storage unit. In today’s Affordable Family Storage blog post, we will talk about a few things that you are better off keeping at home or storing somewhere other than a self-storage unit.

Important Documents

This one seems pretty obvious, but most people don’t have a great plan or system for keeping their documents safe. While throwing them in a storage unit isn’t the best plan, keeping all of your vital files in an accordion-style folder under your bed also isn’t great, either. While storage units are secure and give you access to your possessions at a much higher rate than in the past, your important documents would be better served in a safety deposit box or in a personal safe.

Another factor is the elements. While self-storage units are often climate-controlled and well-protected, they are still subject to the elements, which can include more tumultuous events like fires or floods.


This category really depends on what you and your family deem valuable. Memorabilia is often stored in storage units and that memorabilia is often valuable. However, the value of memorabilia likely pales in comparison to the value of jewelry and/or antiques, especially when you consider that those items will often have family significance.

Despite the improved security of self-storage units, it is always a good idea to take more extreme measures with jewelry and family heirlooms. As mentioned previously, safety deposit boxes and personal safes are a great option.

Hazardous Materials

Depending on if you have a climate-controlled self-storage unit or not, your storage unit may be exposed to high temperatures. Because of this, you shouldn’t put anything flammable in your storage unit, such as aerosols, fuels, and even paint varnishes and thinners.

Let Affordable Family Storage Help With Your Self-Storage Unit

Storage units are a valuable and convenient place to keep your belongings safe and in the best possible condition. While there are certain items you should avoid storing, the belongings that you should store need to be stored in the best facility. Affordable Family Storage is that facility. Contact us today at (417) 815-0098 or visit the Republic Affordable Family Storage webpage for more information.

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