What Food is Safe for Self-Storage?

March 28, 2018

Canned food in self storage unit

Storing Food in Self-Storage Units

When you are planning on moving or are interested in creating a stockpile for worst-case scenarios, storing certain food items may be a good idea. If you don’t choose the correct foods or do not properly protect your investment, you could end up losing hundreds of dollars worth of groceries. When it comes to storing food in a self-storage unit, you should know what you can and cannot keep in self-storage. Learn more in our Affordable Family Storage blog below.

Foods Not to Place in Self Storage

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Fresh bread or other baked items

  • Meat that has not been dehydrated

  • Perishable Food


Storing perishable food in self-storage seems like something no one would do, but there are people who will attempt to try it. The problem is that perishable food rots and can attract insects and pests. Using a cooler is not a way to get around this problem, you are better off avoiding the headaches that can come with perishable food entirely.

Foods You Can Place in Self Storage

  • MREs

  • Canned Goods

  • Freeze-dried or dehydrated food as long as it is in an appropriate container such as plastic or metal

  • Dried beans, rice, or grains if placed in a sealed plastic container


The important common denominator with all of these foods is that they are non-perishable. As long as they are also placed in containers that are inaccessible to pests such as metal cans or sealed plastic buckets, they are fine to keep in storage. You will want to avoid storing your food in cardboard containers, though, because they are not designed to keep pests out.

Climate-Controlled Self Storage Units are Key

If you plan to keep any food items long-term, placing them in a climate-controlled self-storage unit is extremely important. Although non-perishable foods are able to withstand some temperature fluctuations, they will last longer if they are not subject to very hot or cold temperatures. In addition, as with anything you store, avoiding moisture from humidity is one of the most important keys when searching for a self-storage unit. At Affordable Family Storage, we offer climate-controlled units to ensure that whatever you store remains in good condition.

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