What Are The Most Common Needs For Storage Units in Omaha?

July 31, 2018

Boxes being moved to a storage unit in Omaha


While there are all sorts of different storage units in Omaha different amenities and sizes, most people use storage units for the same reasons. In fact, if we took a poll of every storage unit renter in the United States, many of them would have the same answer as to why they utilize a storage facility.


At Affordable Family Storage, we make it a point to know why people are looking for storage units in Omaha. While there are obviously outliers and not everybody uses their storage unit for the same reasons, if you get a storage unit, you’ll probably be utilizing it for one of these things.


Far and away, furniture is the most common item people keep in storage units in Omaha. They are particularly interested in storing old furniture. Most people would like to at least try selling their old furniture before simply giving it away, but that can take time, and keeping furniture in your garage is a good way to damage it.


The other option is keeping it in your house, but many families simply don’t have the room for spare furniture. A storage unit gives you the ability to keep your furniture in great shape without it taking up space in your home.


Collectibles also eat up a lot of space, especially for families who don’t have extra rooms to display them. Many people face the dilemma of selling their collectibles because they don’t yet have the proper space to display them. A storage unit solves that problem and keeps your collectibles in mint condition.


If you are looking for storage units in Omaha, there is a good chance that collectibles will find their way into your unit. With that being true, it might be wise to seek out climate-controlled units which make the process of keeping your collectibles in peak condition much easier.

Seasonal Items

Every family loves their pool, but unless it’s an inground pool, it can be a pain to take care of in the winter. Leaving a pool out for the fall and winter months will kill your grass, and your kids won’t even be able to use it. However, even if you take your pool down, you need somewhere to put it.


Many of the storage units in Omaha are used for seasonal purposes, some people even use them for storing their boat or jet ski.

Family Relics

As your family grows, so will your collection of stuff. From school projects to baby clothes, your collection of belongings will rapidly increase as your family gets bigger. Before you know it, your closets and attic will be full of family relics that you don’t want to get rid of but also don’t want to sit around your house. There are many storage units in Omaha that offer smaller spaces for smaller ventures like these.

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