Using Storage Rental Space as a Workshop

May 5, 2018

How You Can Use Storage Rental Space as a Workshop

Storage rental - wrenches.

If you’re a motorhead, you might struggle to find space to work on whatever vehicles are your primary focus. This is especially true if you don’t have a dedicated, professional workspace. You might not have considered storage rental for your workshop needs, but the team at Affordable Family Storage can explain why it might be the ideal solution. For storing cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and more, a modern, secure storage unit could be just what you’re looking for. Read on to find out more.

Choose the Right Size for What You’re Working On

Storage rentals come in many sizes. This is great for anyone looking for space to work on something mechanical since you can scale your needs to the size of the storage unit you choose.


For example, if you’re a cyclist with a collection of racing bicycles or mountain bikes, a small storage space is going to have enough room for you to work on bikes and store tools. But, if you’re into working on classic cars, you’re going to need a lot more room. Carefully consider the size of the unit before you rent.

Customize and Personalize Your Workspace

The great thing about using storage rental as a workspace option is that it gives you a private area that you can personalize. Working at home is fine, but garages and outdoor sheds are often cluttered enough. You might be taking up too much space with tools and parts, and it’s easy to make a mess in a shared area.


You might also be creating unnecessary danger, especially if you have small children. Having a separate, secure storage unit to use as a workshop gives you the privacy to focus and the peace of mind to know that everything is secure.

The Right Place for the Right Tools

Having a private, designated workshop away from your home also means that you can organize better. Having the time to dedicate to creating a system of organization that works for you can be a challenge with family or housemates around. The privacy afforded by storage rental means you can get things in order and get to work.

Always Remember: Safety First

It’s important to remember that, whatever vehicles you’re working on, you need to make sure you’re safe. If you have to run an engine or generator, don’t do it with your unit’s door closed. Fumes build fast, and you’ll be taking a big risk. You should also let people know where you are, and keep a cellphone with you and fully charged so that you can be easily contacted.

Start Working in Your Storage Rental Space Today

Sound like the perfect solution? If you’re looking for somewhere to get working on your ride, contact the always-on-call Affordable Family Storage customer service team. We’re available 24-hours a day to answer any questions you might have about storage rental in Topeka, KS, or any of our other storage facilities.

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