Using Self-Storage after the Kids Move Out

January 1, 2018

self-storage with Kids Stuff

Self-Storage for Empty Nesters

When the kids finally grow up and fly the coop, you’ll probably experience a huge mix of emotions. Sad that your kids are growing up, but happy they’re starting their lives. Let’s be honest, you’re also a little happy you finally get some peace and quiet around the house! Once they’re gone for a little while though, you may want to convert their bedrooms into something more useful, like an office. Or maybe they just have a lot of extra stuff lying around the house. Getting a self-storage unit can be a great solution. Today in the Affordable Family Storage blog, we talk about why self-storage units are perfect for empty nesters.

Declutter Your House

Whether your kid is going to college or entering the job market, they probably don’t plan on bringing absolutely everything they own with them. At the same time, they probably don’t want to get rid of all the things they’re leaving behind. Of course, you probably don’t want to be stuck with that stuff lying around. The best solution for everyone is a self-storage unit! If they ever decide they want to bring something they left behind, you can just pop into your storage unit and they can bring it home. Before they leave, take some time to sit down and go through what they want to bring with them, what they really want to keep in the house, and what they would be fine putting in storage. This way you have a clear place for everything.

Finally Convert that Room Into Something You Want

If you’ve ever wanted an office, a creative space, or any other kind of specialty room but never had the space, now is your chance! Having their room empty and their stuff in a self-storage unit completely opens up the possibilities. You can always keep their bed in there, so they have somewhere to sleep, or you can buy a comfy fold out futon to free up even more space. Thanks to self-storage, you can move out all of the old stuff and have a blank space to make your own.

Choose Affordable Family Storage for Your Self-storage Needs

When you’re ready to make that empty nest actually empty, choose Affordable Family Storage. We have a variety of self-storage units in a variety of sizes. Don’t know what size you need? No problem! Just use our free storage calculator. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We take pride in our excellent customer service and satisfaction!

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