Using Labels To Organize Your Storage Unit

January 14, 2019

Man holding box in front of storage unit door

Organizing Your Storage Unit With Labels

While there is no right way to pack items into a storage unit, there are ways to better organize your unit. Placing boxes in any order without labels or care can make your unit cluttered and can make items hard to find. If you want to organize your unit, Affordable Family Storage has some best practices to make items easy to find.

Label Boxes

Before you place any items into your storage unit, be sure to label each and every box with a marker or sticker. If you’re looking for a specific item later on, it can be difficult to find it if none of your boxes are marked. It can be as simple as labeling the box with what’s inside or what room the items belong to, or even numbering them. The next time you go to look for something, all you have to do is search for the label and you can find your item in minutes instead of hours.

Create A Contents List

After you’ve organized and labeled your boxes, create a contents sheet with the items in your boxes. This is the easiest way you can find the items you’re looking for if you’re in a hurry to locate an item. Make this list on some type of digital document or spreadsheet so you can easily add items or take them off as you wish so that the document stays organized.

Plan Your Layout

After all your boxes are labeled and organized, start planning your storage layout. Planning where to put all of your boxes is great in the long run. You can store your boxes in sections dedicated to rooms or types of items. If you have a lot of boxes, try to plan to keep an aisle down the middle of your unit clear so you can access items in the back of your unit. This way, you don’t have to take every single box out to reach items in the back. When you’ve decided where all your boxes are going to go, draw your layout on a piece of paper to keep with you so you can locate your items easily.

Stack Boxes

Stacking boxes is the best way to ensure the best use of your space and money. Try to store any heavy items or boxes you won’t be using often in the back. The items you’ll be needing more often you can store in the front. Remember to try and put the heaviest items on the bottom and the lightest on the top. This can prevent any items from being smashed or destroyed due to heavy weight.

Find Storage Solutions With Affordable Family Storage

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