Using a Storage Unit for Construction Gear

March 20, 2018

Storage Solutions for Construction Gear

How Construction Contractors Can Use a Storage Unit

Construction equipment is large, expensive, and difficult to transport. During a large construction job, damaged or stolen equipment is the last thing a contractor wants. This is why you should store your construction equipment in a safe and secure location. Here, Affordable Family Storage in Topeka, Kansas discusses just a few reasons why you should use a storage unit to store your construction gear.

Why Should You Use Self-Storage?

Without a safe and secure storage location, construction equipment is likely to sit out on the construction site for weeks or months during a project. This can lead to damage, theft, and vandalization. Construction gear is expensive and difficult to replace, so damaged or missing equipment can set back a project greatly. To avoid these issues, many contractors are starting to utilize storage units. Safe, convenient, and affordable, self-storage protects construction equipment without breaking the bank.

What Can You Store in a Storage Unit?

Construction contractors can store just about anything in a storage unit. In a small unit, you can store power tools, bags of concrete, extra bricks, drywall, and any other necessary supplies for your construction job. In a large storage unit, such as a 10 x 30 unit, you can store a forklift or truck. Depending on the scope of your storage needs, you may choose to rent two units: one for frequently used small items and one for large equipment. This way you won’t have to rearrange your unit when you are in a hurry. To figure what size unit you should rent, talk to an expert at Affordable Family Storage.

What Should You Look for in a Storage Facility?

When you are choosing a storage facility, there are plenty of factors to consider. Because construction gear can be incredibly expensive, security is probably the top factor for most construction contractors. When you are choosing a facility, look for security cameras, fences, and passcodes.


For some contractors, climate-control is an important factor as well. Some construction gear can rust in humid, hot environments and should be stored at consistent temperatures throughout the year. Climate-control is a little more expensive than traditional units, but protecting valuable equipment is well worth any additional cost.

Why Choose Affordable Family Storage?

At Affordable Family Storage in Topeka, Kansas, we offer affordable, climate-controlled storage units in a variety of sizes, making us the ideal storage facility for construction contractors. Our units come in a variety of sizes, so you are sure to find something to fit your needs. To talk with a storage expert and reserve a unit, contact Affordable Family Storage today!

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