Use Climate-Controlled Storage for Your Extra Stock

January 24, 2018

Climate-Controlled Storage with Groceries

Climate-Controlled Storage for Couponers

Couponing can be a fun, and money-saving hobby. But soon enough, you might find that your stock is piling up and you don’t have room in your pantry for everything. Many couponers have shelves of stuff that they’ve accumulated with their shopping trips. Not everyone has enough room in their house for these items though. That’s where a climate-controlled storage unit from Affordable Family Storage can help. Today in the Affordable Family Storage blog, we discuss why climate-controlled storage might be the perfect solution for couponers.

Store Non-Perishables

A good amount of the products you pick up will most likely be foodstuffs, but you’re sure to pick up some cleaning and grooming supplies as well. It’s important to keep your most perishable items readily available so they don’t go to waste. But items such as laundry detergent, hand soap, shampoo, toilet paper, and more can all be stored for long amounts of time. Even foods like beans and other canned items can be stored away for a decent amount of time. These are the types of things you’ll want to be putting in your climate-controlled storage unit. This way they stay out of your home and don’t clutter it, but you still have easy access to them when you need them.

Organize Your Stockpile

Just because you’re getting your extra stuff out of your house and reducing clutter doesn’t mean you should just throw it in your storage unit. Keeping your storage unit organized can be beneficial too. Not only will it make your things easier to access, it will help you see everything you have and what needs to be used first. Setting your stockpile up on shelves, similar to a grocery store, will greatly help with organization and inventory.

We Recommend Climate-Controlled Storage

Although we have plenty of normal storage units available, for a couponer stockpile we recommend climate-controlled storage. Even non-perishables items like cleaning supplies should be stored at a certain temperature. Extreme hot and cold temperatures could ruin some of the items you’re storing.

Choose Affordable Family Storage

When it comes to storage facilities, you can’t choose a better one than Affordable Family Storage. We have climate-controlled storage and regular storage units all at an affordable price. We also offer stellar customer service. For more information about our facility and storage units, take a look at our website, or contact us today!

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