Use a Climate Controlled Storage Unit for Your Band

February 9, 2018

Climate Controlled Storage for Bands

Climate Controlled Storage for Your Band

Being in a band can be a blast, especially if you’re booking shows and touring on occasion. What isn’t fun is packing up all of your equipment and dragging it to each show. Instead of making things difficult, why not just leave your setup in a climate-controlled storage unit? Affordable Family Storage has a number of options that could meet your needs.

Why Choose Climate-Controlled Storage?

For your equipment, climate-controlled storage will be the best storage solution available. Here are some reasons why.

  • Safe for Instruments - Although you’ll probably bring your instruments home after a show, it’s nice to have the option to store some in storage when you need to. A climate-controlled storage unit is the only safe storage solution for them. Otherwise extreme temperatures and humidity could warp them and cause issues.

  • Safe for Electronics - The other consideration is the electrical components you may have with you. Amps, lighting setups, pedals, other sound equipment, and even computers will all be safe and sound in a climate-controlled storage unit. Again, subjecting them to temperature and humidity risks them getting ruined, so climate-control is the way to go.

  • Tour Merch - Climate-controlled storage will make sure your shirts, posters, cassettes, CDs, and more are all good to go. Keeping your tour merch in your storage unit makes it convenient to grab and go when it’s time for a show.

As you can see, keeping your equipment in climate-controlled storage is not only easy, it’s safe too. Best of all, if you have everything in a small trailer, you can just pull it up to the storage unit, drop it off, lock up, and drive away. Then it’ll be waiting for you the next time you have a show or a tour.

Choose Affordable Family Storage for Your Storage Needs

Convenience is just one of the many things that make Affordable Family Storage the best storage solution around. We have a wide variety of storage units available in whatever size you might need. Our climate-controlled storage unit makes sure your things aren’t affected by the temperatures and humidity of the outdoors. Our friendly staff is standing by to help you choose the perfect unit for you needs, or you can use our easy storage calculator to find out. Contact us today for more information or to start the process to begin renting your storage unit!

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