Topeka Weather and the Need for Climate Controlled Storage

May 6, 2018

Why the Topeka Weather Makes Climate Controlled Storage Essential

Climate controlled storage - severe weather.

The weather can be our best friend or our worst enemy. Enjoying a sunny day outside is very different from having to shovel snow out of a driveway. Dramatic shifts in weather and conditions are a big part of life in the Midwest, and Topeka, Kansas is no different. The sometimes harrowing climate conditions in Topeka make climate controlled storage an essential benefit of a good storage facility. Why should you consider climate-controlled storage to protect your valuables from the elements? In this blog, Affordable Family Storage will explain.

Big Sky Country Means Big Weather

Topeka, and Kansas is in big sky country. This means beautiful sunsets and a high ceiling of clouds that produce spectacular views. It also means potentially huge swings in weather conditions. For most of us, especially in the Midwest, there’s often plenty of time to prepare for bad weather.


The problems come when the yearly wear and tear of changing seasons takes its toll on property, especially storage spaces like sheds, garages, and basements. These are all parts of the home that are susceptible to damage caused by exposure to wind, rain, snow, and heat. Climate-controlled storage units can be the perfect option to guard against the elements.

Ice, Snow, and Hail

The winter season brings typical winter weather to Kansas. Cold weather - coldest in January - including ice, snow, and low pressure are all common. They also do significant damage to property over time. Torrential rain might leak into an untreated basement, damaging whatever you’ve stored there.

Hot Summer Seasons

Kansas is as prone to humidity as the rest of the Midwest. This humidity can cause a lot of damage to your property and the things you store there. Mold is a common example of the damage wrought from unchecked humidity.

What Does This Mean for Climate Controlled Storage?

The reason climate control is an essential part of storage solutions in Kansas isn’t just protecting your property from individual things like rain or heat. It’s also to protect them from the changing patterns. Much of the damage done to property and personal belongings stored in unprotected areas are from the seasonal changes, rather than the resulting weather.


Swings between high and low pressure, humidity and dryness, and even the pollen count can wear away on stored items. A clean, dry, climate-control equipped storage unit is a great place to store things away from the elements.

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