Top Five Tools for Moving into Your Storage Unit

December 29, 2018

A smiling woman pushes a dolly with boxes on it.

Top Five Tools for Moving into Your Storage Unit

If you are moving your items into a storage unit, you might be wondering if there are any helpful tips or tricks that could make your job just a tiny bit easier. In this blog, Affordable Family Storage Omaha provides you with the top five tools that you will need to make your storage move-in experience less stressful.

The Top Five Must-Have Storage Tools

Utilizing the following tools will allow you to take less time to organize and move items in your storage unit.

1. Dolly or Hand Truck

Dollies and hand trucks can allow you to move several boxes at a time. They are also easy to put into a moving truck and can help you to carry heavy items such as appliances and furniture as well. They are normally made from metal or high-impact plastic and are therefore very durable. Some even have specialized wheels that allow them to move up and down stairs easily.

Affordable Family Storage Quick Tip: Make sure that the dolly’s tires are inflated and leak free before you begin moving.

2. Tarps

If you are planning on storing furniture items, it is a good idea to cover them in tarps, especially if it is raining on the way to the facility. What else can tarps help with? If you are moving, tarps can protect your floor from scuffs and scrapes. Tarps can also keep dust off of furniture while it is in storage. Poly tarps are a good choice, because they are waterproof, durable and flexible.

3. Lifting Straps

Are you feeling nervous about having to move a bulky bookcase or cumbersome couch? Lifting straps might be your best option. These straps can help you avoid injury and will make it easier for you to be able to lift heavy objects by utilizing physics. Always team-lift and read the instructions before you begin.

4. Protective Equipment

Investing in a pair of steel-toed boots is beneficial if you plan on moving a lot of items into your storage unit. Toe bones can break easily, and accidentally dropping your tv on your toe just might do it. Make sure that your feet are protected. It is also a good idea to wear gloves so you can protect your hands from sharp metal and splinters.

5. Friends to Help

This one seems obvious, right? Many people try to go it alone when they are moving items into their storage unit. This can lead to injury in the form of muscle strain from carrying heavy objects, and can even lead to broken bones and back injuries.

Affordable Family Storage Quick Tip:  Try buying a pizza to reward your helpful friends!

Affordable Family Storage Is Your Best Option

Renting a secure and climate controlled storage unit can ensure that your items are protected from damage and theft. Contact us today to learn more about our industry-leading storage units. We offer multiple sizes to meet whatever storage needs you may have.

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