Tips for Arranging a Storage Rental

June 30, 2018

boxes and books scattered on shelves

How you arrange your storage rental is more important than you may think. Many people treat their storage rental as a dumpster for the things they don’t want or use anymore, but when inevitably they do need that desk, computer chair, or futon again, they come back to find it impossible to reach or in disrepair from poor storage.

Because you never know when you might need to access something in your storage rental, it’s best that you arrange it in a way that will keep everything in good condition and make it easy to find. Here are some tips for arranging your storage rental from Affordable Family Storage in Omaha.

Use Containers of the Same Size

This point is vital if you have to stack any items. Renters who move in a hurry may think they’ll just waltz into their nearest grocery store on the morning of their move and grab a bunch of cardboard boxes. While this is a good method for finding storage containers in a pinch, chances are that the boxes won’t be of the same size. When you try to stack boxes of different dimensions, the stack will be more likely to collapse or lean. Cardboard isn’t all that strong to begin with, so investing in containers of the same size will make arranging your boxes much easier. And items that are stacked well are less likely to get damaged from toppling over.

Put Seasonal Items Near the Front

With a little foresight, you can identify which items you may need more frequently than others. The last thing you want is to be caught scrambling for your seasonal items at the last minute, only to find that they’re crammed in a box at the back of your storage rental. Place seasonal items near the front of your storage rental so they’re easy to reach when you need them.

Don’t Stack Too High

Some people are too committed to efficiency. They may stack their boxes too high in an effort to make the most of their space. While this may save them from having to rent a larger unit, it puts them and their items at risk. Items stacked much beyond head-height are more likely to topple. Lifting and removing items from a stack that high also puts the person at risk for injury. Avoid these issues altogether by stacking your items at a reasonable height.

Get the Right Storage Rental for You

An important element of storage space arrangement is the size of the unit itself. Get a storage rental that’s sized perfectly for you, or get one with a little extra room so you can arrange it for easy access. Find out what size you’ll need with our handy storage calculator, then reserve your unit online! It’s as easy as that.

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