Three Must-Avoid Self-Storage Mistakes

January 26, 2019

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Three Self-Storage Mistakes You Must Avoid

Self-storage is a great solution for your family if you are looking to de-clutter your home or organize your belongings. However, it can be very easy to misuse your storage unit, whether that be by paying for a storage unit that is too big or even renting out a storage unit longer than is necessary. While there are many mistakes that can be made, some are worse than others. In today’s blog post, Affordable Family Storage Des Moines will take a look at three mistakes you must avoid with self-storage.

  1. Not Insuring Your Belongings

Most storage facilities will protect themselves against any responsibility of damages to your belongings, so it’s important to make sure that all of your belongings are ensured. If the worst-case scenario occurs and your items or belongings are damaged, you will need insurance to be able to repair or replace those items. However, it is a common mistake to not insure belongings going into storage like you would insure common household items. If you are storing items for a long period of time, especially valuable items, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not having those items insured.

  1. Renting The Wrong Sized Self-Storage Unit

Another common mistake made by self-storage renters is investing in a storage unit that is the wrong size. For some people, they underestimate how much stuff they have and they rent a storage unit without actually evaluating the size of the unit. For other people, they overestimate how much space they need and spend more money on a storage unit than they need to. If you want to avoid this mistake, you will need to go to the facility and see for yourself how big the storage unit you are renting is.

  1. Storing Food

Storing food in a self-storage unit isn’t as uncommon as you think and, in some cases, it isn’t a bad thing. However, there are certain kinds of foods that should not be stored. And even if you do store foods, you have to take the proper precautions and store it in the right containers to avoid attracting pests. You should never store perishable foods in your storage unit and if you do store food, you should only store it for a short amount of time.

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