Things You’ll Need When Making a Big Move into a Storage Unit

January 12, 2018

Storage Unit for Big Moves

What You'll Need When Moving Your Stuff Into a Storage Unit

If you’re planning on moving a large amount of stuff into a storage unit, there are a few things you’ll want to make sure to have. Being prepared can make a big, stressful move a lot easier. To truly be prepared, you should have a moving plan and the right supplies. Today, in the Affordable Family Storage blog, we talk about what you can to do make your big move go as smoothly as possible. Hopefully, with these tips you’ll be less stressed and more prepared!

Take Inventory of Your Things

The first thing you’ll want to do is take stock of what you have. Go through all of your things and decide what will be going into storage and what won’t. Once you have these two categories, you can start compartmentalizing your stuff even further. Starting with your bigger things like furniture and then working your way down to smaller things, like knickknacks and books, can help make things a little more manageable. Also, take this opportunity to get rid of things. If you never use something or have always meant to get rid of it, do it now. You don’t have to shove absolutely everything in your storage unit!

Figure Out How Much Space You Need

Once you’ve decided what’s going in your storage unit, you’ll need to figure out how much storage space you’ll need. Don’t worry, we’ve made this part easy. Just use our handy storage calculator to figure out what kind of storage unit you’ll need!

Pack Everything Up

Now that you have everything separated and organized, it’s time to pack everything up and get it ready to go to your storage unit. Don’t get sloppy now though! Keep everything organized so it’s easier to unpack when you take it out of storage. Get plenty of boxes, as well as labels, so you can easily figure out what’s in each box later. You’ll thank yourself for this later when you don’t have to dig through box after box to find something. Once you have everything packed up, bring it to your storage unit. Make sure you put everything in the unit in an organized manner. Put big heavy furniture on the bottom, and near the back of the unit. Boxes can be neatly stacked on top. If there’s anything you want easy access to, make sure you have it near the front of the storage unit.

Get a Storage Unit at Affordable Family Storage

If you’re looking for a quality storage facility, choose Affordable Family Storage. Whether you’re storing your whole house, or just a few things, we have a storage unit that’s right for you. Contact us today for more information about our storage space or to get a unit of your own.

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