Storing Your Vehicle with Affordable Family Storage

July 25, 2018

Car Covered Storage Solution

For many people, their car or truck is one of the most valuable and cherished items that they may have to put into storage. When a customer puts their irreplaceable classic sports car into storage, they want to know for sure that it will be safe, secure, and well-preserved when they bring it back out of storage and start the engine. At Affordable Family Storage, we value and protect what is most important to you. In today’s blog, the pros at Affordable Family Storage in Des Moines discuss the details of vehicle storage.

Requirements for Storage

Affordable Family Storage has several basic requirements for vehicle owners who want to store their car or truck at our facilities. First, the vehicle must be in proper running order, able to drive under its own power at the time of storage. Second, the owner of the vehicle must present proper registration documents or proof of title to show that they are the registered owner. Our friendly staff is available seven days a week to meet with you and review your vehicle registration before storage.

Affordable Family Storage Quick Tip: AFS cannot allow renters to perform mechanic repairs on vehicles while in storage. This is due to safety concerns and to prevent damage to the facility.

Preparations for Storage

When putting a vehicle in storage for a long period of time, it is best to consult the owner's manual or a trusted mechanic to ensure that you take the proper steps to prepare. That said, there are several basic steps that should be taken when storing any vehicle.

  1. Fill up the tank and add fuel stabilizer.

  2. Disconnect the car battery.

  3. Jack the car up and put it on stands to protect the tires.

  4. Seal the tailpipe and any other openings to prevent debris and pests.

  5. Clean the vehicle inside and out, and apply car wax to painted exterior surfaces.

What Size Storage Unit Will I Need?

Affordable Family Storage offers storage units in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions. For most vehicles, our 10’ x 20’ storage unit is the best choice, guaranteed to fit even larger vehicles comfortably. Make sure to measure your vehicle and plan ahead before you select your storage unit.

Will My Vehicle Be Safe in Storage?

Affordable Family Storage offers excellent amenities and features that will ensure your vehicle is safe and secure while in storage. Our indoor storage facility is a great option for your storage needs, ensuring protection from the weather every time you access your vehicle. Indoor storage doesn’t have to mean inconvenience, and that’s why we offer drive-up access to our indoor units, so you can drive your vehicle inside our facility and directly to your storage unit.


We also offer climate-controlled storage, which manages temperature, humidity, and air quality, for excellent preservation of your vehicle. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our 24/7 security surveillance will ensure your vehicle is safe and secure, around the clock, all year long.

Store Securely with Affordable Family Storage

At Affordable Family Storage, we are prepared to protect your valuable items, whether they are classic comic books or classic sports cars. With market-leading amenities, quality customer service, and helpful advice, we are ready to meet the most unique storage needs of our clients. Contact us today to discover everything we offer.

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