Storing Your Motorcycle in a Self-Storage Unit

February 15, 2018

Man preparing motorcycle for a self storage unit.

Preparing Your Motorcycle for a Self-Storage Unit

There’s no feeling quite like taking your motorcycle out for a ride. Driving on a winding, open road offers a sense of calm that is hard to match. However, as the temperature gets colder, joy rides become less enjoyable. Winters in Des Moines can get particularly brutal, and taking your bike out when there is a foot of snow is simply not possible. Instead, consider storing your motorcycle in a self-storage unit for the winter. Not only can you free up valuable garage space, but you can help extend the life of your bike with an indoor climate-controlled self-storage unit. Below, Affordable Family Storage shares a few tips on how to properly prepare your motorcycle for storage. Read on to find out more!

Fill Up Your Gas Tank

Before you store your bike for the winter it is a good idea to fill your gas tank to the top. When tanks are left partially empty for long periods of time, condensation can form and lead to growths in your tank. These growths can potentially clog your carburetor and result in expensive repairs. For the cost of a tank of gas, you can avoid carburetor problems while your bike remains in a self-storage unit.

Remove Your Battery

If you are storing your motorcycle in cold storage facility, your battery will likely slowly drain and eventually fail. Removing your battery and keeping it in a warm climate will extend the battery life and reduce the need to buy a new battery once summer rolls back around. Another option is to take advantage of a climate-controlled facility like those offered by Affordable Family Storage. A climate-controlled self-storage unit removes the need to remove the battery or worry about significant power drain.

Protect Your Tires

Cold weather, inactivity, and gravity can cause tires to slowly lose pressure. You can combat these effects by removing the strain placed on the tire during the storage period. You can prop your motorcycle on bricks or a sturdy bike stand to help distribute the pressure off of the tires. You have much less to worry about in a climate-controlled self-storage unit, but removing pressure from your tires can still be a good idea.

In Need of a Self Storage Unit?

Contact Affordable Family Storage to discuss potential storage solutions for your motorcycle, trike, dirt bike, or anything else you need to have stored. We have state-of-the-art climate-controlled facilities that are equipped to handle all your storage needs. Call us at 515-325-0248 to discuss your self-storage unit rental today!

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