Storing Kitchen Appliances in a Storage Unit

May 1, 2018

Storage Unit Uses: Kitchen Appliances

Storage Unit with Kitchen Stuff

If you need a place to keep extra kitchen appliances or somewhere to keep your appliances when you move, a storage unit could be your perfect solution. Today in the Affordable Family Storage blog, we’ll talk about the best way to store your kitchen appliances.

How to Store Your Refrigerator

If you’re needing to store a refrigerator in your storage unit, you’ll need to take several measures to ensure you’re storing it safely. First, make sure you remove everything from the inside. Next, you’ll want to unplug the fridge and let it defrost. Make sure to break off any ice in the freezer after it has had time to defrost. After that, you’ll want to thoroughly clean the inside with soap and water. Dry it off so that you won’t get mold. If you have a fridge that makes ice and dispenses water, make sure to drain that tank. Finally, you can bring your fridge to your storage unit. Make sure you store it upright to keep from damaging it.  

How to Store Your Small Appliances

Small appliances like blenders, toasters, and more can also be kept in your storage unit. If these small appliances are fragile, we recommend wrapping them in bubble wrap to keep them safe in transit. Also, make sure you label your boxes so you know what’s in them and you can easily access them whenever you need to.

How to Store Silverware, Glassware, Pots, and Pans

All of these items can also be put away into boxes. Make sure you keep your silverware separated, and you label everything so it’s easy to find. Your glassware should be kept in boxes that have separators, that way your glass pieces don’t bang into each other and break. Also, make sure you don’t stack any other boxes on your glassware. The pressure could cause them to crack or break.

Choose Affordable Family Storage for Your Storage Unit Needs

If you’re in need of a storage unit, choose Affordable Family Storage. We have a wide variety of storage units, one of which is sure to meet your needs. If you’re in need of a climate-controlled storage unit, we have those too! If you’re not sure what size you need, just use our free and easy storage calculator. It can help you find the perfect one for you. For more information or to start renting with us, contact Affordable Family Storage today.

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