Storage Unit Tips: Storing Your Food Cart in the Offseason

April 11, 2018

Use a Storage Unit for Your Food Cart

Storage Unit for a Food Cart

If you have a food cart or multiple food carts, you need somewhere to keep them overnight or during the offseason. If you don’t have a garage or enough room at home, you need a secure and reliable storage space. Otherwise, you’re risking someone stealing your livelihood. Use a storage unit and rest easy knowing your cart is safe. Today in the Affordable Family Storage blog, we’ll talk about why a storage unit is the most convenient place to keep your food cart.

Easy to Put Away for the Day

When the day is over, you can just drive right up to the Affordable Family Storage facility, pull up to your storage unit, put the food cart in, and lock up. Simple as that. And now it’s safe and secure until you’re ready to pull it out. Plus, we have several security measures in place to give you even more peace of mind. If you don’t want your food cart subjected to fluctuations in temperature, you can get a climate-controlled storage unit and keep it at a nice, moderate temperature all night and day.

Easy to Put Away for the Offseason

If your food cart is seasonal and you need to put it away for the winter, a storage unit at Affordable Family Storage is the perfect solution. You can clean it out, cover it, and put it away as long as you need to. When the weather starts getting warmer, you just come and grab it and get back to selling. It’ll be right where you left it. It’s easy, secure, and it’s extremely affordable. And did we mention it’s convenient, too?

Get a Storage Unit at Affordable Family Storage Today

No matter what your storage needs are, Affordable Family Storage has a storage unit that will suit them. Whether you need to store your food cart or your entire house, we have a storage unit size that can accommodate it. We offer both regular and climate-controlled storage units for your convenience. We also have a wide variety of storage units available. Not sure which of our storage unit is right for you? No problem! Just use our easy and free storage calculator. It can tell you exactly what type of storage unit you’ll need. For more information, or if you have any other questions, feel free to contact Affordable Family Storage today. We look forward to providing your storage solution!



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