Storage Unit Tips: Storing Rugs

February 20, 2018

Rugs being prepared for storage unit

Tips for Storing Your Rugs in a Storage Unit

Whether you are just redecorating and need to make a change or you have inherited a rug that just does not match your decor, you may decide it is time to store your rugs. Knowing how to properly store your rugs can ensure that they are not damaged while in your storage unit. Rugs can be very valuable, but humidity and insect damage can be disastrous. Today, Affordable Family Storage is going to explain some of the steps you should take when preparing your rug for a storage unit.

Thoroughly Clean Your Rug

The first thing you should do when preparing your rug for storage is to ensure that it is properly cleaned. Depending on the type of rug you own, you can vacuum it or take it outside and beat the dirt out of it. This not only removes the dirt but also will help to remove any insect eggs or dust mites so that bugs are not attracted to your rug while in storage. If you have experience cleaning rugs, this is a process that can be done yourself. However, if you are new to the process, consider hiring a professional to wash your rug. Many professionals also apply insect repellent after cleaning to prevent infestation while your rug is in your storage unit.

Roll and Wrap Your Rug

When you are preparing your rug for a storage unit, it is important that you properly roll your rug the right way. If you fold your rug and have it stored for a long period of time you can create creases that will damage the fibers of the rug. Instead, make sure you tightly roll your rug starting at the bottom (the side that the fibers lay towards when petting them down). You can generally roll the rug with the pile pointing inward. However, with fragile or older rugs, you can roll the rug with the pile outward to reduce the strain on the foundation.

After you have successfully rolled your rug it is important that you wrap your rug in paper. You want to be sure to use paper instead of plastic, as plastic can trap moisture and create mold. Paper will protect your rug and still allow it to “breathe”.

Store In Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Rugs are very vulnerable to moisture damage. If you store your rug long term in a storage unit without temperature and climate control you run the risk of humidity causing major damage to your rug. A cool dry area away from natural light is the ideal spot to store your rug.

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