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September 10, 2018

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Watch These Shows About Storage Units

It seems like storage unit auction shows grow on trees these days. We aren’t complaining though! It’s always exciting to see what unique and, sometimes, outrageously profitable things people find in abandoned storage units. Among the many storage unit themed shows out there in the reality TV universe, we’ve decided to highlight three that we think are especially interest. Read on to discover more about some of the individuals who have made careers out of bidding on other people’s left behind treasure!

Storage Hunters

This show follows the storage unit adventures of a husband and wife named Lori and Brandon Bernier. These two are fierce competitors in a pretty high stakes game. There is a lot of adrenaline flowing through this show as these two outbid others to search for buried treasure in the storage units up for auction. These two undeniably have a knack for this business!

Though initially run in the United States, this show was incredibly successful in the United Kingdom. A UK celebrity special took place in 2015, and it varied slightly from the regular show in that whatever the celebrities made from their storage unit purchases went to the charity of their choice.

Auction Hunters

This show takes place exclusively in Southern California. The principal buyers that show focuses on are Clinton Jones and Alan Haff. These two bargain hunters have experience with guns and safes amongst other things. This show takes you through all of the steps of buying a storage unit at an auction and what it looks like to appraise and then sell what you find. What we appreciate most is that they include a disclaimer at the beginning of the show that states that out of the hundreds of units they find they only show the most profitable ones on the show. That is the cold hard truth of buying storage units at auction. Only occasionally do you find something that is of real value. It’s important for viewers to know this!

Storage Wars

This show has inspired many spin-off shows in various locations across the United States. Unlike some of these other shows, it focuses on a multitude of individuals who go to storage unit auctions and bid on these storage units that people have stopped paying for. This is another show that gives you a good idea of the kind of profits people make when they’re involved in this kind of business.

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