Storage Unit Disaster Preparedness Tips

January 28, 2019

Disaster preparedness flashlight kit.

Storage Unit Disaster Preparedness Tips

As much as none of us want to think about it, sometimes a disaster is inevitable. Whether it’s because of an accident or inclement weather, there are many different possible scenarios where good preparation can pay off. Even if you have a full disaster preparedness kit ready to go, you might not have considered how helpful a storage unit can actually be. Fortunately, Affordable Family Storage is here to explain. Join us to find out how a storage unit can help you be prepared for anything - and how to make sure your storage space is safe, too.

Know the Risks in Your Area

A great way to be prepared is to know in advance what the risks are. Whether you live in Leavenworth or not, you can do some research into the most common factors that have caused big problems or even outright disasters in the past. Look through historical instances of disasters, especially when it comes to weather, and then research the best way to be prepared.

Put Together a Plan

Knowing is one thing, but being ready to act is another. One of the biggest parts of dealing with a disaster is having a plan and the supplies you need. This plan should include everything from making sure you’re insured against a variety of risks to having first aid supplies, canned foods, dry goods, and a supply of clean water.

Find out how the local authorities and emergency services in your area are prepared for disaster scenarios, what evacuation routes have been designated, and make sure you have the right numbers for specific emergencies saved. You might also want to consider buying a cheap pay-as-you-go cell phone that will hold a lot of charge should the power go out for a while.

Make Sure You Have Essentials

A few things to consider for disaster survival and recovery include:

  • Knowing your local emergency shelters

  • Having a way to communicate with family members and friends

  • Flashlights and fresh batteries

  • Toiletries and hygiene supplies

  • Blankets and sleeping bags

  • Camping gear (including cooking supplies).

This is by no means a full list but is a good place to start. You can find more in-depth detail about disaster preparedness from the NOAA.

What You Can Store

When it comes to your storage unit, there are a few steps to follow to keep items safe in an emergency. Store items in sealed, water-resistant containers, use zip-sealing bags for fabric or paper items, and put at-risk items in higher places. You can store many of the items that we’ve listed above in a storage unit if you need additional space. If you’re unsure, ask a member of our friendly 24-hour team about what you can and can’t store in one of our units.

Be Prepared with a Trusty Storage Unit

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to store emergency supplies or just looking for somewhere to store some extra stuff, Affordable Family Storage is here to help. We offer the best in modern, reliable storage rental for Leavenworth, KS and a variety of other locations across the Midwest. Talk to the 24-hour team at Affordable Family Storage today.

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