Storage Space Tips for Fabrics

March 6, 2018

storing clothes in a storage space

Protecting Clothes and Fabric in a Storage Space

At Affordable Family Storage in Des Moines, we know there are many reasons to use our storage spaces. Two common items that our customers store in their units are clothes and fabric. Whether it’s cold weather gear that they store to free up closet space, costumes for their community theatre troupe, or extra fabric for their quilting projects or Etsy store, clothes and fabric are easy to pack and store away in our storage spaces. In order to keep the integrity of the cloth intact, there are a few steps you can take before storing it away in your storage unit.

Clean Before You Store

Whether you are storing already-made clothing or fabric to be used for different crafts at a later time, it should be cleaned before you move it to your storage space. Washing and drying the fabric before you store it not only takes care of any little bugs and mites that could be residing in the fibers but it also makes your life a bit easier once you take the clothing or fabric out of your storage space. Having clean fabric means you can go ahead and wear your clothes or use the fabric for a project right out of storage! Be sure everything is completely dried before you start to pack it away, however. Otherwise, you may end up with mold and mildew in your fabric.

Use Sealable Containers

Now that your clothing and fabric is cleaned and dried, it’s time to place it into containers! While it may be tempting to throw everything in a box and call it a day, you should rethink that plan. If you choose to use a container that can’t be sealed – a banker’s box, for example – you increase the chances of the fabric being damaged as it is stored long-term. An easy way to avoid this chance is to use containers that have sealable lids. If you don’t have a sealable container, consider using vacuum storage bags – not only do they protect your clothes against dust, dirt, and more, they also allow you to fit more fabric into one container.

Take Precautions Against Pests

After you’ve cleaned and sealed up your fabric, there are a few things you can do to the storage space itself to reduce the likelihood of pests damaging your items. Before moving your containers into your unit, take a bit of time and sweep out your storage space. A good deep cleaning will do wonders to protect your fabric.

Another step you can take is to use pallets and shelves to keep the containers up off the floor. That way, the occasional rogue insect or mouse will have a much more difficult time making a nest out of the fabric you have stored.

Find Your Storage Space at Des Moines’ Affordable Family Storage

If you are looking for a safe, climate-controlled space to store your unused clothes and fabrics, come check out Affordable Family Storage in Des Moines. We offer a variety of storage space sizes for whatever your needs. And with the convenience of online bill pay and 24-hour access to your unit, you can reach whatever you have stored whenever you need it. Reserve your storage unit in Des Moines online today!

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