Storage Solutions: What Should I Do With My College Textbooks?

May 6, 2018

Storage Solutions For College Textbooks

Storage solutions for these textbooks

Few things are more frustrating for college students than textbooks. They are expensive, mostly useless after a single semester, and often not utilized by the professor. Finding cheap textbooks and figuring out if you even need a textbook is one of the classic struggles for college students.


However, once you have your textbooks, you want to keep them in good shape, especially after you are done using them. If you want to sell them in the future or keep them for future use, you will need a good storage solution. In today’s post, Affordable Family Storage will look at some storage options for textbooks that won’t clutter your home.


Let’s just start with the basics. If you have too many books and nowhere to put them, a bookshelf is always a storage solution and can even serve as a nice decorative piece in your home. Nothing makes you look smart quite like a bookshelf stuffed with books. This will likely be your cheapest option and it will ensure that you can always get a hold of your books when you need them. However, bookshelves only offer a certain amount of space, and as books begin to pile up, you might run out.

Book Chest

This is a common storage solution for people who have a lot of books and either don’t want them on display or don’t want them taking up a lot of space. This is also a good option because you will typically be able to get more books into a chest than you will onto a bookshelf. However, a book chest makes it harder to reach your books, especially when they are towards the bottom.


This is the hybrid option of the first two. An armoire is typically used for clothing, but you can find armoires with proper shelving for book storage. The major benefit to an armoire is that it can look like a bookshelf while having more space for more books. You can have multiple layers of books in an armoire, so if you are really overrun with books but still want a storage solution that displays them, an armoire is a good option.

Self-Storage Solutions

The last option is a self-storage solution, i.e., a storage unit. This is a common option for textbooks because many people don’t want their textbooks on a bookshelf or taking up space in their home, especially if they aren’t using it anymore. A storage unit is a storage solution that allows you to keep your textbooks without them clogging up your home.

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If you are looking for storage solutions for your textbooks, look no further than Affordable Family Storage. We can provide you with a storage unit that will keep your books in great condition and easily accessible. For more information, give us a call at 712-794-4648 or contact us online today.

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