Storage Solutions: Storage Space Arrangement Tips

December 11, 2017

Storage Solutions: Arranging Your Storage Space

We have known many customers who think of their storage unit like a separate closet. While this isn’t entirely inaccurate, it can present the wrong idea. Many people will throw whatever they don’t want lying around in a closet without much thought. Their closets may be piled with clothes, shoes, a fan they only use when it’s warm, a space heater for the winter, some tools, an old television, etc. This may work fine for people who don’t have much stuff or who already have a number of sizable closets in their homes, but it won’t work for people in smaller homes or students renting a small apartment.

Affordable Family Storage happily offers storage solutions to the residents of Jefferson City, MO, among many other locations. Our Jeff City facility also serves residents of the surrounding areas, including Fulton, Apache Flats, Elston, and Centertown. Here, we offer storage solutions for the person who struggles to organize a closet so that you don’t have to rent a storage unit larger than you need.

Make Things Easy On Yourself

While it may seem easiest to just pile your things into a unit without much thinking, what happens when you need to find a photo album from 6 years ago in one of those boxes? There are a couple storage solutions to make locating specific items much easier on yourself in the future. First, use storage containers of relatively uniform size with clear labels that explain their contents. Second, stack your boxes or other containers in a way that makes things easy to access. In larger units, this means creating aisles that will allow you to move around easily in the unit. Make sure that the labels on your containers are facing outward so that they can be seen from each aisle. And third, use clear containers that will let you easily see the contents inside. If you don’t want to use clear containers or you do not have access to them, we’ll share some other tips below that make locating your items very simple.

Map It Out

This storage solution is great, especially for larger units. You can save yourself a lot of hassle in the future by mapping out your items. If you can sort by categories, even better. Keep your kitchen items in one corner and your electronics in another. Store bedding on one shelf and throw pillows on another. A map shouldn’t be too hard to sketch, and you can keep a copy in the unit at all times just in case you forget your own.

Make a Contents List

Finally, making an alphabetized list of all the contents of your unit can make answering the question “oh wait, is that in the storage unit?” much easier. Even though you may already have certain sections of your unit sorted by category, having a master list will make finding specific items much easier. So in case of an emergency, the threat of bad weather, or whatever else, you’ll be able to access your items quickly.

Get Storage Solutions from Affordable Family Storage

If you’re in the Jefferson City area and you need reliable storage solutions from a facility that prioritizes affordability and ease without sacrificing the quality of your storage experience, then Affordable Family Storage is your go-to. Check out our site to learn more about our climate-controlled Jefferson City storage facility, browse our other locations across the Midwest, or reserve your storage space with us today!

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