Storage Solutions for Your Favorite Comic Books

June 29, 2018

Comic Book Storage Shelf

At Affordable Family Storage, we value and protect the things you love most. So when it comes to your comic book collection, we know you want the safest and most secure storage solutions. Whether you are a casual comic book fan or a die-hard collector, safely storing your comic books is a worthwhile project that will preserve them for decades of enjoyment. Well preserved comic book classics can be very valuable, so when you are preparing your collection for storage every detail matters. Affordable Family Storage in Des Moines has perfect climate-controlled storage solutions and helpful advice for keeping your comics in mint condition for years to come.

Protect Your Comics With The Proper Packaging

When you are ready to store your comic books, it is important to use the proper packaging materials to protect your collection. Specially designed comic book bags are recommended for storing each comic book. They are quite inexpensive, and the small investment in bagging material will pay off with pristine comics down the road.

Comic book bags come in three different plastic materials, polypropylene, polyethylene, and Mylar. Polypropylene bags are not recommended, as the material tends to become discolored and brittle after extended storage. Polyethylene and Mylar material bags are both very good options and will ensure your comics are safely preserved for many years.

Three sizes of comic book bags are available, distinguished by the era when the comic was originally published:

  1. Size 6 ⅞” x 10 ½” bags - Current Era comics, published after 1980

  2. Size 7 ⅛” x 10 ½” bags - Silver Age comics, published 1950-1980

  3. Size 7 ¾” x 10 ½” bags - Golden Age Comics, published before 1950

In addition to the proper bagging products for your comics, you will also want to use cardboard backers for your comic books. Cardboard backers prevent creasing and keep your comics securely upright. Always make sure to use acid-free paper products when you choose your comic book backers.

For your favorite and most valuable comics, hardened plastic storage sleeves are available for rigid, waterproof protection. For the most valuable comics in your collection, consider certification and slabbing services. Your comic will be evaluated by a certified appraisal organization and securely mounted in a preservative plastic slab, for decades of safe storage.

Quick tip from Affordable Family Storage: Remember to always store your comic books upright, never lay comics down in stacks.

Storage Solutions that Fit Your Collection

Once your comics are properly packaged, you will need to consider storage options. We recommend purpose designed comic boxes, such as DrawerBox comic boxes. Plastic storage boxes are prefered to prevent moisture and water damage.

Whether you choose plastic or cardboard storage boxes, remember to store your boxes in an elevated place, such as a shelf or cabinet. Never leave your comic boxes on the ground.


Avoid stacking your comic storage boxes. Over time, stacked storage boxes can crumple under the weight of other boxes and damage your collection. A large, locking filing cabinet is a great solution for storing a large collection of comics safely and securely.

Climate-Controlled Storage Units from Affordable Family Storage

Affordable Family Storage offers climate-controlled storage solutions, an excellent option for preserving your valuable comic book collection. Climate-controlled storage units manage temperature, humidity and air quality, so your collection is safe and secure. Advanced security is available at our facilities, featuring 24-hour security surveillance, gated and fenced facilities, and lock alarms.

Rest easy knowing that your prized comic book collection is protected at Affordable Family Storage. Contact us today to choose the perfect storage solution to preserve your collection.

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