Storage Solutions for Playhouses and Playsets for Kids

July 25, 2018

Child Moving Box House


Backyard playhouses and playsets are great fun for kids, ensuring endless hours of active outdoor entertainment. Some of the fondest memories from childhood are often formed on a favorite backyard swingset or playhouse. They are also quite expensive and require a substantial investment of time to build. So when the time comes to move to a new residence, preserving those backyard playhouses and playsets with a convenient storage solution is a great choice. In today’s blog, the experts from Affordable Family Storage in Des Moines are here with some helpful advice for storing playhouses and playsets.

Bring Along Friends and Family to Help

The process of taking apart a playset and moving it into storage is a significant undertaking, requiring heavy lifting and often some work on a ladder. So bring along a friend or family member to help team lift heavy items and spot you while you are working on the ladder. Put your safety first, and ask for help if it is needed.

Gather Together the Tools and Supplies Needed

Depending on the type of playhouse or playset, different tools may be required to deconstruct it enough to move all the pieces into storage. If you planned ahead and saved the instruction manual for the playset, refer to this manual to identify all the tools that will be necessary to take it apart. Generally, you will need a ratchet set, a cordless power drill, a medium-sized ladder, and basic hand tools such as screwdrivers and a hammer. Also, a permanent marker and a sturdy container or two will come in handy.


When gathering the tools and supplies you will need, don’t overlook safety equipment. Work gloves and eye protection are highly recommended for this type of project. Any time you use a power drill, and any time you have to reach above your head to use a tool, it is always necessary to wear protective eyewear.

Disassemble the Playset Carefully

The process of disassembling the playset will take some time, so be patient and take it slow. If you still have the instruction manual from when you assembled the playset, it is recommended to refer to those instructions in reverse order for disassembly. Begin at the top of the structure and work your way down, making sure to store all hardware in a sturdy container for safekeeping. When working on a ladder, always have a helper spot you and secure the base of the ladder.

Affordable Family Storage Quick Tip: Use a permanent marker to number each piece you remove and the piece it is attached to. This will make it much easier when putting the playset back together.

Choose the Right Storage Solution

The right storage unit at the right facility will make the entire process much easier. The first consideration, of course, is making sure that you choose a storage solution that is large enough to fit the playset once it’s been broken down. Affordable Family Storage offers storage units ranging in sizes from 5’ x 5’ to 10’ x 20’, so you are sure to find a suitable storage solution to meet your needs.


Also, consider the features of the storage facility. Affordable Family Storage in Des Moines offers the best of both worlds, with indoor storage access and drive-up access to your storage unit. You will be protected from the weather during the process of moving items from your vehicle into the storage unit, and you can pull your vehicle right up and unload with ease.

Protect What’s Important to You with Affordable Family Storage

There are few items that bring as much joy and memorable fun for families as backyard playsets. If you need to store a large item such as a playset or playhouse, take the proper steps and choose a storage solution that will meet your needs. Contact the friendly staff at Affordable Family Storage for helpful advice and excellent storage solutions that will make moving a snap.

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