Storage Solutions for Large Families

April 19, 2018

How AFS Provides Storage Solutions to Large Families

large family sitting on lawn needs storage solutions from Affordable Family Storage

Large families have enough on their plates already that dealing with household clutter quickly becomes a pain. Whether it’s toys on the floor, a piled-high basement, or a packed-tight attic that threatens to collapse onto the house, large families know the struggle of keeping things organized and tidy.

And if you’re in a large family, you know that sometimes you simply don’t have room to keep everything and everyone comfortable. In-home storage solutions can only do so much, which is why it’s smart to think about looking for them elsewhere.

That’s where Affordable Family Storage comes in. Our name says it all! We have affordable storage solutions for families large, small, just starting, and everywhere in between. Here, we offer three storage solutions our state-of-the-art facilities can provide for large families.

Eliminate Clutter

By the time you have toys strewn about the floor and a few too many dishes lying around, you’ve already got a big clutter problem. And the problem may be bigger than just someone not putting away their things after using them. The closets and storage spaces in the home may be bursting already.

By opening up more than enough storage space in the home, you make it easy to access closets, basements, attics, and sheds. A great way to do this is by moving some things out to a storage space with Affordable Family Storage. Piles of movies, old or unused toys, baby furniture, and bedding are all great candidates for being kept at a storage space.

Think Seasonally

When you think seasonally, you can move a lot of things out of your in-home storage spaces. This is one of the most effective storage solutions because a lot of families will have holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, and sports equipment tucked away.

Save yourself the space by moving these things into personal storage with us. You’ll only have to make an extra trip when the season changes to swap out one season’s items for another, and you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and hassle in the process.

Consider The Occasion

While sometimes it may feel like it, living with a large family isn’t one rambunctious party all the time. Consider what kinds of things you are storing for extra guests. You may have more plates than you really need for the occasional birthday party. You may be keeping extra bedding for sleepovers or visiting in-laws. These are the kinds of things you can afford to keep at a nearby storage unit when your in-home storage solutions just aren’t cutting it.

Let AFS Provide Your Family With Storage Solutions

Hey, you can’t be expected to do it all on your own. You have enough on your plate already between all the athletic practices, after-school events, parties, and sick days. Let Affordable Family Storage give you a helping hand, from our family to yours. We provide storage solutions that will keep your house cleaner and calmer. Find out how you can get started with us today.


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