Storage Solutions for Food Trucks in Topeka

May 1, 2018

Run a Food Truck in Topeka? Here Are Some Handy Storage Solutions

Storage solutions - food truck.

There are a lot of different reasons you could be looking for storage solutions in Topeka, Kansas. You might be looking for somewhere to stack some boxes while you move, or you might be looking for somewhere to store your classic car. It’s not just hobbyists who can find great storage solutions, however. Business owners can also benefit.


We don’t just mean regular, office-based businesses either. For instance, did you ever think of food truck owners looking for good storage solutions? As providers of quality, reliable storage rental in Topeka, KS and beyond, Affordable Family Storage can explain the benefits of a storage unit for a food truck.

Saving Limited Space

Food trucks typically don’t have a lot interior space. Even larger, more established food trucks often have little space for two or three people. If you use the inside of a food truck for storage and food preparation, things get even more desperately cramped.


This can be a real problem for staff performance, quality of service and, in some cases, the quality of the food itself. Using an off-site storage unit is a great way to save a lot of space on things that you aren’t using right away. Plastic cups and cutlery, bulk supplies of napkins, crates of soda - all of these can be securely kept in a storage unit.

Keeping Supplies Fresh

Storage solutions aren’t always exclusively about saving space. In some cases, you might need to store a larger supply of certain foods like frozen products, chips, and candy. Again, like any other supplies, these are going to take up what little space a food truck has.


Climate-controlled storage units are a handy place to keep food supplies in good condition, protecting them from damaging temperature changes or humidity. Just remember, the kind of food you can store in a storage unit is often very limited, and it’s important to discuss this kind of thing with your storage solutions provider first.

Seasonal Decorations

If your truck operates on a seasonal basis, you probably have a stock of themed decorations, too. Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, and many of our biggest holidays come with a variety of decorations that just take up space the rest of the year. A storage unit is the ideal place to keep these supplies so that they’re not cluttering the inside of a cramped food truck.

Ask Us About Our Storage Solutions

Whether you’re a food truck owner, you’re moving house, or you’re looking for somewhere to store your collection of antiques, Affordable Family Storage is here to help. We have storage rental locations throughout the Midwest, from Topeka to Ozark, and we provide the best in modern, clean, and secure storage. Contact our 24-hour customer service team and rent your storage unit today.

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