Storage Solutions for a Lawn Care Business

June 29, 2018

Lawn mower mowing grass

One of the most difficult aspects of running a lawn care company is storing all of the equipment you need to maintain lawns. Not only would something like a riding lawn mower require a lot of storage space, but there are many other items that are also necessary. If you are looking for a storage solution for the large amount of stuff you accumulate in the lawn care business you have come to the right place. Affordable Family Storage has a wide range of storage solutions that could be ideal for your needs. To learn how your lawn care company could benefit from a storage unit with Affordable Family Storage, read on below.

Lawn Care Requires Lots of Equipment

The days of running a lawn care business with just a mower are long gone. Today, professionals need a long list of accessories and equipment to do the job right. Mowers come with a number of useful attachments like mulchers and side catchers that will make your work much more convenient. For larger jobs, a riding mower is pretty much a necessity, as well as trimmers, edgers, and hedge trimmers. The list of equipment quickly adds up, and you are going to need a storage solution for all of this equipment.

Most lawn care companies also offer fertilization as a basic service. You’ll likely need a broadcast spreader to dispense seeds and fertilizer. Not to mention bags of seed, fertilizer, and turf. You’re going to need a place to keep all of your equipment, and most people do not have the necessary storage solution in their home. Instead, most lawn care companies rent storage units for their things.

How Large of a Storage Space Will I Need?

The storage space that you require will depend on a couple of factors. Perhaps the biggest factor is whether or not you have a commercial vehicle to transport your equipment to job sites. Many cities have ordinances that prohibit the parking of commercial vehicles on the street overnight. If you use a commercial vehicle and need a place to park it overnight you are going to need a larger storage unit. For instance, a 10x20 room is comparable to a one car garage, parking a commercial truck with the majority of your equipment in the trunk could be sufficient, though a 10x30 room may be better, especially if you use a trailer.

Affordable Family Storage has the Storage Solution for You

If you run a lawn care company, or simply have more things than you can keep in your home, Affordable Family Storage in Council Bluffs has the storage solution for you. If you are interested in learning more about our state-of-the-art facility, call us today at 712-794-4648.

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