Some Potential Floor Coverings For Your Storage Unit

September 10, 2018

Patch of blue tarpPotential Floor Coverings For Your Storage Unit

Storage units don’t always stay clean and tidy over the months and years you are using them. While many storage facilities, including Affordable Family Storage, work hard to keep their facilities nice and tidy, once you move in it is hard to avoid things like dust or dirt. Storage units can sometimes go weeks, and even months, without being opened, so unless you have a climate-controlled unit, dust and dirt are inevitable.


However, there are ways to keep your items from getting dusty, or even prevent them from getting scratched by the concrete floor. Today, Affordable Family Storage will look at different floor coverings and what benefits they bring.

No Cover

While covers can prevent scratches and keep your storage unit clean, not all items need covers. For example, if you are storing boxes and plastic containers, you likely won’t need to guard against scratches or dust. And while you might be more likely to get something scratched without a cover, it’s also important to remember that these items won’t be moving once they are moved in, so they shouldn’t have the opportunity to be scratched. With that being said, there are still a variety of cover options that are beneficial.

Plastic Tarp

Far and away the most popular covering option, a plastic tarp is cheap and easy to find, while also providing good protection. The only defect to a tarp would be that it can be ripped fairly easy, but it should still prevent most scratches. They can also help prevent flooding if placed in the right spots.

While there are several floor covering options for your storage unit, a plastic tarp is going to be the simplest option and likely the cheapest. They are also good to cover your items themselves. Plastic tarps are affordable, so you can buy them in bulk and make sure all of your belongings are protected.

Canvas Tarp

A canvas tarp is going to be a bit more expensive than a plastic tarp, but it will also provide more protection than a plastic tarp. With a plastic tarp, it isn’t difficult to rip through, where a canvas tarp will be more resistant. You can also find waterproof canvas tarps that can help prevent floods, but also keep your belongings from being damaged.

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There are a lot of things to consider when packing your storage unit, but before you start, you should decide what you will cover the ground with. For more information or tips, give Affordable Family Storage a call at (573) 240-8668 or contact us online today.

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