Self-Storage Uses for Young Couples

April 17, 2018

How Young Couples Can Use Self-Storage

young happy couple takes a walk and talks about renting a self-storage unit

Not everyone realizes how handy a self-storage unit really is. For as simple as they are, they’re versatile and easy to use. Yet when you ask the average passerby if they have use for a storage unit, they may say something like “I don’t have enough stuff.” Using a storage unit isn’t just about having surplus things, but it certainly can be.

Young couples, for example, often find themselves juggling furniture as they grow together. They may move in with one another, start a family, or relocate altogether to start a new chapter of their lives. If you’re a young couple who’s thinking about taking the next big step, then here are three common situations you can make easier with personal storage.

Moving In Together

So things are going well and you’re ready to make the next big commitment. Those who’ve taken the step to move in with their partner know that it can be an exciting time and a sensitive one at the same time. You can’t fit two apartments-worth of stuff into one, so both parties will have to make some sacrifices.

If neither of you are really ready to part with your possessions, a self-storage unit gives both of you a way to hold on to your treasured couch, mirror, throw pillows, or whatever while splitting the rent. And when you’re ready to finally let go (or you need to move back to your own place), all your things will be there waiting for you.

Starting a Family

It’s time to welcome a new member of the family into your life, which means you may have to reconsider your personal office or gym in the spare bedroom. Self-storage gives you a way to hold on to your things for when you’re finally able to upsize into a more spacious home or apartment.


Young couples starting a new chapter in a new town will find that self-storage is a perfect solution to their situation. If you simply up and run off together, self-storage allows you to store your things while you crash on a friend’s couch or rent a room for a few days.

Since self-storage with Affordable Family Storage is totally budget-friendly, you really won’t be accruing much extra cost while you hunt for the perfect place to start your life together.

Self-Storage with AFS: Perfect for Young Couples

Affordable Family Storage is here for budding families and big ones alike. And when you add in the climate-control, 24-hour access, and layered security, choosing to store with us is a no-brainer. If you and your partner are taking the next big step, then congratulations! Let Affordable Family Storage help you settle in with our storage solutions.


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