Self-Storage Tips: Games to Get Your Kids to Help You Pack for a Move

May 26, 2018

Try These Games to Get Your Kids to Help You Pack for Self-Storage

Self-Storage with Kids

Most kids hate to do chores. Who can blame them? Most adults hate to do chores too. Luckily, you can make things a little easier for them. When it’s time to start organizing and packing your stuff for a move, you’ll need the kids to help with their things. If you make a game out of it, they’ll probably be much more likely to enjoy it and get their things packed quickly. Try some of these fun games next time you need your kids to help out.

Who Can Sort the Fastest

If you have multiple kids, you can set up a competition where they race to sort their stuff the fastest. You won’t want to bring everything in a move, so have them organize their stuff into piles for self-storage, keeping, and giving away. Whoever sorts all of their stuff first wins! You can make the prize something like letting the winner pick what movie the family watches tonight or what the family has for dinner.

Beat the Time Limit

A spin on the last game that works no matter how many kids you have is a race against the clock. Just set a time limit for them to pack, and if they beat the clock they win a prize. What prize you give them is up to you. A treat, a new toy, or something else is always something they’ll want to work for. This game is great because it makes sure the work of packing for self-storage is completed quickly and the kids don’t get as distracted.

Play Some Basketball

This one you can use for trash, laundry, stuffed animals, or anything else that is soft and can be thrown. Just set up some containers for your kids to aim for, and have them throw their stuff in like a game of basketball. No need to keep score, just have some good clean fun!

Choose Affordable Family Storage for Your Self-Storage Needs

Don’t forget to reward your kids for doing such a good job after they’re all done with their chores! And remember, if you’re in need of a self-storage unit, choose Affordable Family Storage. We have a variety of self-storage solutions to meet your needs. If you’re not sure what size storage unit you need, just use our handy storage calculator to guide you. For more information about the self-storage units we have available or to start renting yours, contact Affordable Family Storage today.  

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