Self-Storage: Tips For When It’s Time To Move

May 8, 2018

Self-Storage Tips For Moving Out

Woman moving out of her self-storage unit

Moving is never fun. Even if it is exciting, the actual process is a bit of a bummer. It is even more of a bummer when you have a self-storage unit full of stuff that you also have to move. During the moving process, it is important to have an exit strategy for your storage unit and an entrance strategy for your new home, especially if you are moving towns.


In today’s blog post, Affordable Family Storage will give some self-storage tips on how to handle your move that will save you time and stress.

Organize Your Storage Unit Before Hand

The easy part about emptying out a storage unit is that it should be all ready to be moved as it is. Your storage unit is, after all, for storing things, and most things will already be in boxes or containers. So, you have that going for you. However, if you have been in the same storage unit for years, it is likely a bit cluttered. Save yourself some time and organize it before moving day.


It will be much easier on you if the only thing you must do is load boxes out of your storage unit rather than pack when you get there. That sounds obvious, but storage units often get lost in the moving shuffle.

Decide On The Need For A Second Trip

If you aren’t moving out of state, you might be able to come back for the belongings in your self-storage unit after you move. Since they are in your storage unit, those belongings aren’t essential to your home, so it wouldn’t hurt to go without moving that stuff for a couple of weeks while you settle in. However, if you live out of state or are even a few hours away, you might not want to make the extra trip. Try to gauge early on whether a second trip will be necessary or is even possible.

Have A New Storage Unit Ready

Lack of space is a common theme of moving. When you are moving, especially when traveling a good distance, the priority is getting everything out of your current town and into your new home. However, when you are clearing out a self-storage unit, that will make for a lack of space when you get to your new home. That is why is a good strategy to have a new storage unit ready and waiting for when you get to your new town.

Contact Affordable Family Storage Unit For Self-Storage Help

If you are moving, Affordable Family Storage might have a self-storage solution for you. We have facilities in four different states and would love to help you store your belongings. If you are in Council Bluffs, give us a call today at (712) 794-4648 or contact us online for more information.

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