Self-Storage Tips For Modern Gaming Equipment

April 7, 2018

Self-Storage Tips: How To Store Video Games - Modern Gaming

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For gamers, few things are more valuable than gaming systems and games. However, with the way that technology is developing, your gaming system might be obsolete before the month is out. The shelf life of your games might be even shorter, given that most major games release an updated version every year.

So what should you do with your gaming equipment, especially your newer gaming equipment? In today’s blog post, Affordable Family Storage gives some self-storage tips for gamers.

Should I Sell My Games?

This is by far the most popular option. Most gamers will just take their old games to an entertainment retailer when the newest version is released. While this is an option, keeping the game for a period in reliable self-storage can yield a better resale value. First and foremost, video games depreciate incredibly quickly. A game that went for $60 the day it was released might be worth less than $10 just a year later.

In part two of this self-storage tips blog series, we will see the value of storing games to allow them to appreciate in value. A great example of this is the 16-year-old Super Smash Bros. Melee for GameCube. Right now, a used copy that game is selling for $60 at GameStop, $10 more than it went for when it was originally released.

Where Should I Keep My Games?

Knowing that video games often increase in value over time, storing them rather than selling them is a legitimate self-storage tip. But nobody wants their house cluttered with old video games that they don’t play. That’s why a storage unit is the best option. A storage unit allows you to not have a cluttered home, while also giving you a space to safely store your games. Here are a few self-storage tips that will help preserve the value of the game itself:

Keep The Game And All of Its Packaging

It might not seem like it, but collectors love stuff like the case and the manual. You can sell your game in the future for the person who wants to get nostalgic and play their favorite childhood game, but you’ll make more money selling to a collector and having the case and manual in mint condition will make it more valuable.

Replace a Bad Case

Cases for games aren’t expensive when the game is still young. You can get one pretty cheap and you might even be able to grab one for free from a friend or relative.

Affordable Family Storage Has All Your Self-Storage Tips

Video games depreciate rapidly in the short-term, but their value will often grow exponentially over time. Therefore, your best option is to keep your games and let their value grow before selling. At Affordable Family Storage, we have self-storage tips for your games and how to best store them. Contact us today at (402) 810-8881 for more self-storage tips.



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