Self-Storage Tips for Furniture

February 9, 2018

furniture that will soon be moved to self-storage

Furniture Self-Storage Tips

For some people, storing furniture can be as simple as tossing their couch, chairs, and desk into a self-storage unit. And really, if they only intend to keep their furniture in storage for a month or so, this may be fine. But if they aren’t careful, even a month or so of being subjected to outside temperatures can put noticeable wear on wood and sensitive fabrics. While a college student may have no issue with this, collectors and people in the middle of a big move might.

Affordable Family Storage is here to help. We’ve provided reliable, climate-controlled self-storage to numerous members of the Jefferson City community and its surrounding areas. So whether you are holding onto a couch to save it for your kid who will be leaving for college soon, you want to preserve its value as a collector’s piece, or it’s a precious antique heirloom that’s been in the family for generations, here we share some tips on maintaining your furniture while it’s in self-storage.

If Possible, Disassemble

Disassembling some of your furniture will really save you some space in your unit, not to mention make it easier for you to transport and move the items. Furniture like bed frames, some desks, tables, and chairs is often held together by screws that you can easily disassemble and wrap before moving them to storage. To keep track of any small pieces like screws and nuts, place them all in a small bag, seal it, and make sure to keep it with the pieces of your furniture. This way you won’t have to go digging for them later.

Wrap Carefully

You can wrap some items to keep them from gathering dust or being affected by moisture. A word of caution, though: items made of wood need to “breathe,” so tightly wrapping them in plastic can increase the likelihood of damage while in self-storage. Cover these items in blankets to allow minimal airflow.

Make Your Job Easier with Moving Blankets

Moving blankets will not only make it easier for you to slide your furniture and position it in your self-storage unit, but they will also protect the bottoms of your furniture from damaging the floor or vice versa. Similarly, using a dolly or handcart to transport your items will reduce the likelihood of you injuring yourself or damaging the furniture as you move and load it.

Easy Self-Storage from Affordable Family Storage

Affordable Family Storage makes storing your furniture easy and safe. Our Jefferson City location offers climate-controlled storage with layered security and 24-hr access. We also keep dollies and handcarts on-site to help you move your items without damaging them or injuring yourself. Reach us at 573-240-8668 or reserve your space online today! We look forward to helping you store your stuff!

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