Self-Storage Tips: Best Practices for Storing Books

February 17, 2018

man finishes loading boxes of books into self-storage

Best Practices for Storing Books in Self-Storage

Somehow just about everyone has stacks on stacks of books lying around. They may be gathering dust in a cabinet, stored high in the back corner of a closet, or sitting, mostly for show, on a coffee or end table. A copy of “War and Peace” may look impressive in your living room, but eventually, someone will ask you what you thought of it when you finished. To avoid that embarrassment, maybe it’s time to opt for self-storage instead.

You may have a bunch of books leftover from school, or maybe you have a favorite author whose every title you’ve read cover to cover. Whatever the case, the truth is that selling books is hardly ever lucrative. You might be able to make a bit more if you sell them yourself online, but then you’re looking at a great deal of time spent packaging books and money spent shipping them off. And if you’re sitting on years’ worth of accumulated pages, the effort may simply not be worth it.

Choosing self-storage with Affordable Family Storage is a great option because it allows you to get those books out of your way, freeing up space and saving you some time. Here we share some tips to make sure that your books stay in good shape while you keep them in our facilities.

Avoid Cardboard Boxes

Even though cardboard boxes are everyone’s go-to, they aren’t necessarily the best option for storing your books. The cardboard itself will be susceptible to absorbing moisture from humidity or the floor, and once the cardboard is holding moisture, so will your books. Cardboard is also not always easily stacked if you’ve simply cobbled together a supply of them from the nearest grocery store. Plastic containers will hold up to the weight of your books while also offering superior resistance to moisture and pests. If you do use cardboard, consider lining the inside with plastic and sealing it overtop your collection for added protection.

Avoid Storing on the Floor

Storing your boxes up off the floor keeps your life easier for a couple reasons. If you store them on the floor, they are more susceptible to water damage in the unlikely event of flooding. Unfortunately, this remains a concern because you don’t always know what your storage neighbors may be keeping next to you. Placing wooden pallets on the floor of your self-storage unit will keep them a good couple of inches off the ground. And if you only have a few boxes to store, consider placing them on a shelf at torso-height. Because boxes of books can be quite heavy, having them at a comfortable height will make it much easier to lift them later on.

Label Your Boxes

Labelling your boxes by authors or genres will make it easy for you to find the one with that quote you’ve been trying to remember for the past week. Labels are easy to come by because Affordable Family Storage happily provides our customers with storage and packing supplies for all customers using our self-storage units.

Climate-Controlled Self-Storage From Affordable Family Storage

Humidity and temperature changes are some of the biggest enemies to books in self-storage. You can avoid both of those big hazards by storing yours with Affordable Family Storage in Jefferson City. Reserve your space today and get your first month free!

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