Self-Storage After The Kids Leave for College

May 29, 2018

Self-Storage When Kids Leave for College

Self-Storage after College

If you’re a parent, having your kids go away to college can be a tough time. You’re happy that they’re moving forward in life, but of course, you’re also sad to see them go. And now that they’re gone, you’re left with a bedroom that no one uses. Instead of keeping everything in there, you always have the option to put things in self-storage instead. This way you can convert their room into something new! Today in the Affordable Family Storage blog, we’ll talk about packing your kids’ stuff away in self-storage and what to do with the empty room.

Pack Up the Room

The first thing you’ll need to do is pack everything up that you won’t need anymore. Unless you plan on keeping the extra room as a guest bedroom, you can bring the bed to self-storage. In fact, anything that you think you can use for your planned room is worth keeping around. Everything else can be brought to your self-storage unit for safekeeping or for when your kid wants their stuff.

What to Do with the Extra Space

Now that you have everything cleared out and put in self-storage, you’re ready to convert the room into a new space. What you do with it is up to you, but here are some ideas to get you started.

An Office

If you’ve never had office space, and you tend to do work from home, a place dedicated to focus could be a great use for your extra room. All you need is a desk, an office chair, and whatever decor helps you focus and get your work done.

A Creative Space

Whether you’re a musician, a painter, or any other type of artist, having a dedicated space to inspire your creativity is great. Simply set your room up in a way that inspires you most and gets those creative juices flowing.

A Guest Bedroom

Or, you can keep things easy and just make it a guest bedroom! This way you don’t have to change very much other than the decor. Plus, your college student will probably like to come home to their room being relatively the same.

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