Safety Tips for Lifting Heavy Items to Move to Your Storage Unit

February 24, 2018

Couple injured by not safely moving couch to storage unit

How to Safely Lift Heavy Items You Are Moving to a Storage Unit

One of the main dangers of moving your items to storage is the potential injuries that can occur from not being safe when lifting and transporting heavy objects. From lifting to transporting and storing items, it is important that you follow the correct safety protocols to ensure that you do not hurt yourself or your belongings. Today, the Affordable Family Storage blog discusses some safety tips you should follow on your next trip to your storage unit. Keep reading below to learn more!

Safety Tips for Lifting and Moving Heavy Items

  • Take time to examine the object you will be moving. Test the weight before you pick it up by lifting one corner of the item or pushing it slightly to measure the resistance. Look to see if anything might shift to cause an imbalance.

  • Decide if you will need to use extra tools, such as a dolly or another person. Lifting more than you can handle is the number one way people injure themselves when moving items to a storage unit.

  • Map out a safe route to your destination. Remove obstacles from the path that you may trip over or that will get in the way. Even if you can safely carry the item on your own, it can be a good idea to have another person to keep on eye on obstacles as you move.

  • When lifting the item make sure your feet are shoulder width apart. Bend your knees and hips to get into a squatting position. Keep your chest up when you lift so you do not put undue stress on your back. Drive up with your heels while straightening your knees as you lift.

  • Never jerk upright or yank the object to lift it. Move slowly and deliberately to best avoid injury.

  • Take small steps as you carry the object and when you need to change direction pivot your feet to move.

  • When you place the item down at the storage unit return to the squatting position using your leg muscles while keeping your back as straight as possible. Set the item down gently, and you’re finished!

Other Safety Tips For Moving Items to a Storage Unit

  • Do not overload your vehicle while moving items to the storage unit. It is generally better to make extra trips rather than risking the integrity of your vehicle.

  • Try not to stack your boxes too high inside the storage unit. Not only are you risking damaging items on the bottom, but moving items from your storage unit that are stacked above your shoulder can be potentially dangerous.

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