Safely Keeping Glass in a Storage Unit

September 11, 2018

Glass bowl close-upWhat’s the Best Way to Keep Glass Items in a Storage Unit?

People store all kinds of things in a storage unit. From general junk to priceless heirlooms, the storage facilities we have in Omaha, Nebraska are home to all kinds of belongings. Some of these can be pretty prone to damage if they’re not properly handled, packed, and stored. For example, glassware.


Whether it’s a large antique mirror or small glass ornaments, glass items need special attention when being moved into a storage unit. In this entry of the Affordable Family Storage blog, we’re offering up tips for keeping glass belongings in their best condition while they’re in storage.

Use Tissue Paper or Newspaper First

If you’ve never packed glass items before, you’d be forgiven for thinking copious amounts of bubble wrap are the best idea for protecting it in a storage unit. This is true, but there’s an important step before applying bubble wrap, and that’s covering any exposed glass with tissue or newspaper. Applying bubble wrap directly to a glass surface is likely going to cause impossible-to-remove stains.

Use Bubble Wrap for Protection

Bubble wrap is effective for preventing glass items from being damaged while they are being kept with other items in a storage unit. Once you’ve covered any glass surfaces with tissue or newspaper, carefully wrap it in bubble wrap. You should wrap each individual item, whether it’s something bigger like a mirror or smaller like glass ornaments. You should also carefully tape the bubble wrap so that you can make sure it’s sealed and won’t unravel or otherwise come loose in transit.

Carefully Box Up Smaller Items

Anything that’s small enough to be boxed up should be. When you’re boxing up smaller glass items, don’t pack them with anything bigger or heavier — just with similar items. You also need to be careful not to leave any space between items in a box. If the bubble wrap you used to wrap them doesn’t fill all the spaces, use something soft like balled-up paper or packing peanuts.

Store Mirrors and Large Items Upright and On Top

Larger items like mirrors should be stored upright whenever possible. Even wrapped, they should be stood up to avoid damage. If there isn’t enough space to stand larger items up, then carefully place them on top of everything else.

Rent the Perfect Storage Unit

If you’re looking to rent a storage unit, whether it’s for delicate glass belongings or something less fragile, look no further than Affordable Family Storage. We offer modern, secure storage rental in Omaha, NE on N 90th and L Street, with climate-controlled storage units and easy access for your convenience. If you’re looking for the best in local storage solutions contact the 24-hour customer service team at Affordable Family Storage today.


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