Safe Practices for Self-Storage

December 5, 2017

boxes stacked safely for self-storage

Safe Self-Storage Practices

Putting your things in self-storage may feel like a hassle, but it can also pose some safety risks if you view it as a petty chore. Depending on what you are moving into your storage unit and how many items you’re moving, you may be at risk for injuries caused by excessive and repetitive lifting, lifting with improper form, and more. Here, the team at Affordable Family Storage offers you some simple tips for ensuring your own safety and the safety of anyone assisting you as you move your things into self-storage.

Proper Lifting

If you have ever worked in a grocery store or any workplace which requires any amount of lifting, you are likely already aware of what is considered proper lifting form. It is often repeated that a person should “lift with the legs,” and that holds true here. But you also want to make sure to comfortably bend at your hips and keep your arms extended so that the weight of the object you’re carrying is being supported more by your back than your arms. Bending the arms, while useful for placing objects, won’t be to your advantage while carrying an object from your house to your vehicle, or from your vehicle to your self-storage unit. If you have a lot of objects to move, it may be smart to wear a back brace like those you see employees wearing at a home improvement store.

Proper Stacking and Arranging

While many people are aware of what constitutes healthy lifting, not as many know about best practices for stacking and arranging their items in a self-storage unit. There are two general rules to follow to make things easier for yourself. The first is to place low-priority items, ones that you may not need access to very soon after placing them in self-storage, at the back of the unit. Items which you may need should be placed nearer to the front of the unit to allow for easy access.

The second rule is to stack lighter items atop heavier ones. This creates a strong base for stacking more boxes, and it also lowers the likelihood of boxes toppling over, which could cause some serious injuries to you or anyone assisting you. For more item-specific tips, check out our packing tips here.

Choose Affordable Family Storage For Safe Self-Storage Solutions

Affordable Family Storage has your safety in mind for self-storage. On our premises, we offer dollies, packing supplies, and more, so that you can save yourself the hassle and effort of hauling your larger items with a team of you and your friends. You can still repay them with a six pack and some pizza, but this way everyone’s backs will be a little less sore the next day. For more information on the great amenities that come with our self-storage units in Jefferson City, please give us a call at 573-240-8668  or contact us online.

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