Reasons to Use a Self-Storage Unit for Seasonal Clothing

February 23, 2018

man prepares clothing for seasonal storage in a self-storage unit

Why You Should Store Seasonal Clothing in a Self-Storage Unit

When that first frost shows up in the forecast, you know it’s time to pull your coats, scarves, and gloves out of whatever box or bin they’ve been confined to for the past handful of months. Or maybe you’re just waiting to see that first 70-degree day so you can throw on your favorite pair of sandals and get out for some walking. But you may find that the bit of joy you feel wrapping in your favorite scarf or chilling out in your best shorts is ruined when you find that your clothing hasn’t stored well. It may have been damaged by pests or rodents, or it may have become yellowed or stained.

There are plenty of ways to store your clothing in your home that will keep it in good shape, but you can bypass a lot of the hassle and fuss by choosing a good self-storage unit. If you’re living in the Jefferson City area and you need affordable storage solutions for your seasonal wear, check us out at Affordable Family Storage. Here we explain why keeping your clothing in a self-storage unit is better than trying to store it yourself.

Steady Temperature

When you choose to keep your clothing in a self-storage unit at Affordable Family Storage, you get some of the best storage amenities you can think of, including climate control. Unlike closets which may not receive the same air circulation as other parts of your home or attics which are likely beyond the thermal boundary of your home and are not temperature-controlled at all, a climate-controlled self-storage unit will remain a steady, cool temperature year-round, ensuring the best conditions for your seasonal favorites. Having a steady temperature will also discourage humidity and moisture from causing mold and mildew or attracting pests.

No Natural Light

A self-storage unit at our Jefferson City location will receive no natural light. Because your unit will be climate-controlled, it will also be housed in a larger facility. Placing your unit within the larger building not only prevents the natural light that your clothing may be exposed to in a basement or attic from affecting your clothing, but it also allows us to provide drive-up access and layered security.

No Pests or Rodents

When you store your clothing at your home, you’re storing it in the same building where you may discard a lot of food scraps that will attract pests and rodents. If you have difficulty keeping a tidy home, you keep a compost in your yard, or you aren’t especially diligent about your pest control, then you may be looking at some serious problems for any clothing you have in the closets, basement, or attic. Avoid that risk by keeping your clothing in a self-storage unit with Affordable Family Storage.

Get Your Self-Storage Unit With Affordable Family Storage

It’s hard to say what the best part about storing with us really is. Because not only do we offer self-storage units at incredibly affordable rates, but we also offer you all the best in security, access, and climate control. To learn more about what we can do to keep your seasonal clothing in its best shape, visit our facility or reserve your unit today.

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