Protecting Your Paperbacks in Storage

January 22, 2019

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Protecting Your Paperbacks in Storage

Although eBooks are continually growing in popularity, that doesn’t mean you should neglect your collection of paperback books. While they may be fragile, with the right preparation and protection you can keep your paperbacks in great condition. Learn how with Affordable Family Storage in Omaha.

Protect Your Book’s Structure

Paperback books are designed for affordability instead of durability. That doesn’t mean they can’t last for years to come. If you make the effort to keep the structure of your paperbacks intact, they can last much longer than you expect. For instance, avoid folding - or “dog-earing” - your pages as you read them. Use a bookmark instead to preserve the structure of your books. Maintaining the proper structure of your paperbacks will help them to stay in great condition when you place them into storage.

Keep Your Paperbacks Dry

As your collection continues to grow, you may find it necessary to invest in extra storage space. When that time comes, make sure you choose a storage unit that is climate-controlled. Nothing will damage a paperback faster than the accumulation of moisture. No matter how pristine your books were, you are not going to want to keep them if they start to grow mold. A climate-controlled storage unit will ensure that your books remain in a dry, controlled environment.


If you are feeling extra precautious, place your valuable books in an acid-free paper bag. This will help to add an additional layer of protection from dirt, grime and dust. Acid-free paper will allow air flow in and out of the bag, preventing the accumulation of moisture. If you were to choose a plastic bag, any residual moisture will become trapped on the surface of the book and damage the pages and binding.

Repair Your Damaged Paperbacks Before Placing in Storage

If some of your valuable paperbacks have sustained damage or wear and tear, you can do some nominal repairs to ensure they survive while in storage. You can use tacky glue to repair cracks on the spine of the book. If your covers are damaged you can actually rebind it with replacement covers. All it takes is cardstock board, a ruler, scissors, glue, and patience.  

Contact Affordable Family Storage for Your Storage Unit Needs

If you are in need of a climate-controlled affordable storage solution, Affordable Family Storage has you covered. With affordable storage units in a variety of sizes, we can ensure your book collection remains safe and secure. Contact our team today at 402-415-2165 to learn more!

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