Properly Store Your Fishing Gear in One of Our Storage Units

December 1, 2017

fishing gear that will need to be properly stored in storage units

Keep Your Fishing Gear in Our Jefferson City Storage Units

Affordable Family Storage is happy to serve the people of Jefferson City and its surrounding communities in Fulton, Taos, Osage City, Holts Summit, and many more. Our Jeff City storage units, situated just miles from numerous access points to the Missouri River, conveniently allow fishers and river-lovers alike to store their gear right near the water, meaning they don’t have to haul their items all the way home.

But storing your items and properly storing them are two different things. Fishing gear and tackle left in units without temperature control may warp and degrade over time, while fishing lures and other metal parts may rust or tarnish. Affordable Family Storage offers temperature-controlled units to all patrons of our Jefferson City location, allowing them optimal conditions for storage. But temperature isn’t the only important factor in storing your fishing gear before and after you hit the water. Below, we offer some tips for storing your gear in one of our storage units to keep it in tip-top shape.

Make Sure Your Gear is Dry

One of the most common issues that our fishing customers may face is leaving their wet gear in one of our storage units. While the gear will naturally dry, it will do so in a smaller, enclosed environment. The resulting humidity may cause issues for your gear, and the residual moisture can cause rusting or discolorations. This is especially the case for your rods and reels, which may need to be disassembled and wiped down before being returned to one of our storage units.

Consider a Fishing Rod Rack

Anyone who fishes knows that the integrity of your rod is of utmost importance for landing the big catch. Even if a rod is stored dry, even the lightest application of force to it can change its shape over time. This becomes a problem if you’re putting away your gear for the winter. A rod rack will allow you to store your rod in one of our storage units in a way that is safe for the rod and convenient for you.

Cover Your Items

Even though your items will be in a confined environment in one of our storage units, they can still gather unwanted dust and dirt. Throwing some kind of cover over them, even if it’s just a sheet or towel, will prevent them from accumulating those things, ensuring that they are in peak condition for when you need them next.

Affordable Family Storage: The Best Storage Units in Jeff City

We wouldn’t claim that we offer our customers the best unless we knew it to be true. But the fact is that we offer the most amenities at the best prices. From temperature control to layers of security, 24-hour access, packing supplies on-hand, and more, we know we can offer you exactly what you need for storing your things. Contact Affordable Family Storage today to learn more about our storage units.

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