Preparing Your Electronics for a Storage Unit

February 8, 2018

Electronics improperly prepared for storage unit

How to Prepare Your Electronics for a Storage Unit

As we become more reliant on technology we tend to accumulate lots of electronic devices. Storing these devices requires extra care and attention because improper storing methods can ruin them. At Affordable Family Storage, we want to make sure you are prepared for storing your electronics Follow these four steps when preparing your electronics for a storage unit to ensure that your gadgets remain safe and sound.

#1 - Clean Your Electronics

While a bit of dust is not going to destroy your electronics immediately, long-term contact may cause issues. Wipe down all surfaces on your devices and give them a quick blast with a can of compressed air. You don’t have to make your devices look like new, just a once over to remove excess dust and dirt.

#2 - Remove Any Accessories

It is very important to first remove any batteries from your electronic devices. Batteries have the potential to leak battery acid onto your device when left connected and unused. Battery acid can be an absolute nightmare to clean from a device if it has been left for a long period of time. It is generally a better idea to recycle old batteries and purchase new ones when you remove your electronics from your storage unit. Remove any cords from your devices and store them with your device so you do not have to go about finding the right connections when you start using your electronics again.

#3 - Use a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

A good way to destroy your electronics is to store them in extreme heat, cold, or humidity. Even a short period in harsh conditions can be bad for your devices. If you are looking for a storage unit, make sure you find one with climate-control. In addition, silica gel packets in your boxes can help to remove extra moisture from the air and further protect the lifespans your electronics.

#4 - Find the Original Packaging

If you still have access to the original packaging of your electronic devices, they are almost always the best option for boxing. The original packaging and internal supports are specifically-designed to protect your devices for extended periods of time. If you have thrown away the original packaging, however, don’t fret. Using a static-free bubble wrap can help to make any box fit and protect your device while in a storage unit.

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